Day 155: I read too many books, therefor, i lose

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Muslim Moderate. Gray day. Tumblr design. Karma picture on reddit. Gamegrumps animation.

Muslim moderate?

Been thinking a lot about Islam as of late. Probably because it’s once again been on the news for totally being a religion of peace, lawlz. But also because of an conversation i had with a moderate Muslim. I don’t know if this is a consensus among the most moderate of the Muslims, but i have to think that it’s not just him. He actually thinks that the world would be better if everyone were Muslims, and he isn’t entirly opposed to using violence to achieve that.

I asked him if he supported 9/11 (Because the conversation was revolving around the US, mostly, and he said “no”, and then said that no “real muslim supports that”.. But the thing is that, that’s violence. They used to the methods you claim to favor. Or maybe you just didn’t like the type of violence, or maybe you don’t want to be associated with terrorists. He also said that Islam will one day take over the world, and that he thinks that’s a good thing. We concluded the conversation with him saying that i read too many books. Which is just funny.
Keep in mind though, that this is just one Muslim i’m talking about at the moment. But it does make me think, and it makes me a bit worried.

All in all, religion scares me. Islam is just the most volatile and dangerous at the moment, but the core of all religions scares me. Which is the surrender of one’s mind. To put it into perspective to those who might not see what i’m talking about. Just replace the word “religion” with “cult”.

I’ll end it on this: I don’t want to follow laws that were made 100s of years ago. They’re not exactly applicable to how the world works anymore, and would be disastrous.


I’ve installed most things on my computer now. Still haven’t gotten up the servers yet though (80 & 25565).
It’s been a pretty awesome gray autumn day today, so that’s always good. Been a bit annoying to have to suffer through a weekend when you just want it to be a normal weekday, so that you can get the call you’re waiting for. Hopefully, i’ll be able to meet someone soon.

Did some early designs on what i hope will be my new tumblr design. I would like it to be sort of my main site, i guess. Anyway. Here it is:

So.. What are my ideas?
Well, first of all. This is obviously not done yet. I might change around a little on the header background and the “Jenna’s home”, will most likely change into something completely different.

I’ve noticed that the font play a huge role in the tone of the site (Right now, it just screams: Here by fashion. Although that’s a small part of it (My pinterest), it’s certainly not all). I should try to make it something more personal and robust, since the site will represent me as much as possible. I aim to make my tumblr link to a lot of different places, including this blog. So i aim to make the body of the site “fun”. Sort of the way windows metro looks, except it will only be by layout, and not general design. We’ll see exactly how i’ll do it.

Feeling a bit happy that i’ve been able to get something done today. Can’t wait til next week!!


Will probably work more on the design, and hopefully. I might even get a call.

Today’s Image/Video

GameGrumps animated. Their commentary lends itself so well to this type of thing:

Oh yea. I got a lot of Karma on reddit for this one:

I don’t submit to that site very often.


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