Day 151: Internet etiquette, with Jenna

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Internet etiquette? A minor rant. My own place updates. Coming out 100%. Excited about tomorrow. A Beatles song.

Internet etiquette

It’s been a while since i dedicated a section of my daily blog to something larger. Speaking of sections. Emily Jillette, Penn Jillette’s wife commented on my blog today. The one i wrote about 80 days ago. It was about her, and how she’s not like a creationist. She said it was a joy to read. so that’s always good. Glad i can at least make someone appreciate what i write.

Unlike what i wanted to bring up today. I’ve mentioned this guy before actually. A few days ago when i wrote about Obama and how i don’t think voting for him or Romney is a good idea (Mainly because.. Well.. they’re both liars, and i see no future in that), i came into a discussion with the aforementioned guy. To put it shortly, i should have worded it better than to simply compare Obama to Romney, because obviously, Obama is the better person, then i should probably not have gone on so strongly about it. Because that usually doesn’t work for me. To be honest, i have little clue about what’s going on, even though i do listen to the likes of Lawrence Lessig on the issues. It’s not an easy issue to solve, yada, yada, yada..

Anyway. I think that made him mad at me. That discussion. Because that’s when he started to ignore me on skype. Sure, he would do quick responses on twitter, but i was curious why he didn’t want to chat with me anymore on skype. So.. After days of saying “hello” to him, i decided to just ask him.. first on skype. “Are you ignoring me?”. No answer. Then i decided to just go to twitter and ask him that very question. Now he responds to me on skype, saying that i’m “hounding him” and that i’ve pissed him off by saying that publically.

He then went back to ignoring me, and it got me thinking about ettique, especially on the internet. Is it wrong of me to want to chat on skype, when someone’s online (As in, green. As in, available. As in, i can chat) on skype? I mean, if he’s busy (Like he said he was), then A) Why is he on skype with the available status checked? B) Why won’t you just say that then, instead of getting pissed off at me for just wanting to chat?

I don’t know. Is it wrong of me to do that? Am i in the wrong on this one? cause i was annoying him with “Hello” messages on skype? I feel that he’s just being rude. Maybe i should just get the message, and understand that he’s busy? But the thing is that he had the time to write on twitter..
I just have to believe that he’s just mad at me for basically making fun of someone of the same jersey as him. Much like how a religious person gets mad when you say that god doesn’t exist). Because i just don’t believe that it’s because he’s busy. I remember that, before this discussion we had, he would actually send me messages on skype.


I talked with my mom about the plans of getting my own place today, and she said that my aunt could help me with it. She apparently knows a lot about the place that i have to turn to in order to get the money i need. So that’s a good thing. Perhaps i could take the time to tell her about my sex change plans as well then. So that should be fun! I’ve talked with her before, and she’s a very intelligent woman.

So yes.. Life is going fairly well actually. I still have yet to go down to the employment offices though, and i need to sign some papers to officially resign from the school i attempted to go to. Luckily, i don’t think quitting it will affect anything when it comes to my prospects of getting loans or whatever in the future, were i to go to a new school at some point (Which i probably will as soon as i cure my anxiety disorder).

I think i might be coming down with a fever. Oh joy.

I have some plans when i move into my own place. Which, by the way, i got papers in the mail today from the people in charge of apartments in my town, saying that i was 3rd in line for one apartment, and 6th on another. So the numbers are getting smaller, since i’ve been “member” for a long time now (The longer you search for apartments, the higher the chances are you’ll get one). If i get one of these, i’ll be able to move out around 1st november or 1st december. So that’s good news.
A bit of a digression.. But there you go. Some plans i have is that i’m going to start making videos, i think. I want to make a video where i “officially quit” my old life, and start my new one. If i remember, i should consult with the expert that i’m going to tomorrow, about how i should do with “coming out” properly. That is, should i start being myself everywhere as soon as i get my own place, or should i wait until i’ve started hormone treatment. My friend that i mentioned yesterday waited until hormone treatment until she came out 100%, so to speak. So we’ll see.

So yeaaaaa….. Other than all that, i’ve been feeling a little depressed today. Whenever i think too much about my gender issues, i get pretty down, to put it lightly. I ended up sitting myself down on a pier at a beach to contemplate.

Um.. Yea.. Is that all? I had a lot to say today apparently. Should make up for the short posts i’ve done lately.


Going down to the psychiatrist early in the morning! Quite excited to hear about the results, what she has to say. I’ll report on how it went tomorrow.

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