Day 144: The bearded lady, trying a new hair style

In today’s post:
Trying a hairstyle, and talking about trans stuff. iPod touches with new colors! Skyrim fan video.

Some pictures

I was going to shave off the beard properly, but couldn’t find the tools i needed to do so.. So i ended up with a half-assed photo shoot (for lack of a better word) of myself. My hair has gotten much longer now. It still lacks a lot of hair where hair should be though. I shudder to think how it’ll look like in a decade unless i do something about it. Luckily, you can do hair transplantation. I haven’t read too much about it yet, but it seems to be working, and it’s something i intend to do once i get the money to do so. Cause i want hair that i can do more with.

Anyway. Here are some of the pics. I kind of hate having to show that aweful beard, but hey.. I kind of liked the way my hair looked on some of them, and i wanted to mostly show how long it is now.





Ugh.. Can’t wait til i get to start taking hormones.


It’s been better today than it was yesterday. Had some fun with my brother, and just relaxed for a bit. Played some more borderlands.


I saw this little piece earlier, and i found myself agreeing with its message for the most part. Maybe someone else can get something good from it too.

Saw a really cute scarf in a shop i went to today. I was thinking of going back there tomorrow with my own money so that i can buy it. Cause i want it! Black and dark grayish, almost tartanesque/Lineish. I’ll take a pic tomorrow.

Oh, and one more thing.. Apple announced a bunch of  apple product updates today. iPhone 5, new colors on iPod touches, and much more. The red iPod touch looked a little pinkish, so that’s one i’d love to have. Wish i could have a truly pink one (Like one girl i saw had. Most have been custom colored).


I have got nothing planned.

Today’s Image/video

For us Skyrim fans:


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