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Day 162: A living nightmare

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A living nightmare..


I’ve spent most of the day crying and being outside. Because just wandering about makes me feel better, so that’s what i’ll do.. I just feel so sad that this is my life now. It’s all it ever is anymore. I can’t wait for help to arrive, and i hope they’ll send something in the mail this coming week, because i need something to make it manageable.

If i don’t get a letter this coming week, i will contact them to make sure that they’re at least processing my request to meet someone. It can’t come soon enough.


Nothing! Probably won’t be able to have that LAN i was talking aobut.

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Day 161: I’m pretty hot, although i’m hardly the hottest thing around

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Change.. Eating healthy. Lots of weird views? And how hot can it get?


Days go by, and nothing ever seems to change. That’s a lie though. Things do change. It’s just that, it’s going very slow. I just want to take the step where i get my own place. That big step, which is going to make everything so much better. I won’t have to feel that i’m walking in place, doing nothing.

But that is for another today. Today, i haven’t done much, other than eating very unhealthily. But hey, there are days when you do that too. I just know that while i’m living here, there’s no way i’m going to get back into shape. There are just too many temptations and what not.

So, with those two stories, i’m gonna end it off right here. Oh, and i got around 73 views yesterday on my blog, for some weird reason. All from the US, going to different entries. Seems like a bot to me, since i didn’t really get many likes and w hat not. But  then again, what do i know. It seems weird that it would be a bot, but it does make sense.


Nothing planned. My brother and i are going to play borderlands 2 next week, and have a LAN. I hope my brain is ready for that.

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Day 160: Post-apocalypse

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Post-apocalypse fantasy fashion. A no-go. And a grumpy cat.


Maybe things would get a little better if i tried to stop thinking for once. Although.. I suppose i couldn’t. It’s just in my nature to think. A certain train of thought i have, (had for a few months) revolves around the world become a post-apocalyptic place. So it’s basically everyone for themselves, small villages everywhere, some big power trying to control more land and what not. You know, basically the typical romanticized version of a western, except in a modern and post-apocalyptic setting.

I fancy such thoughts, because i imagine how i’d dress up for it. I’m sure there’s more to it than that, but that’s basically where my thoughts wanders. I’d like to wear some guns, and a really cool dress.. I’d go more into detail if i felt like fetching images and what not.

You know what… I’ll look it up. One sec..




From top to bottom.
A hidden blade is a must for any adventurers in a dangerous land. There’s just no argument about it. Preferably one for each arm. Then to be as agile as Ezio would have been pretty awesome.
That is pretty much the outfit i would have, except a little more decked out with equipment and satchels and what not. I just love that outfit.
And lastly, lightning. The Final fantasy 13 games are horrible. There’s no getting around that. But lightning’s outfit is just awesome! I love it. I’d probably incorporate some of that into the second outfit, and equip a gun-blade to boot. That would have been cool. Oh, and obviously, pink hair is the way to go. That exact shade of pink.

If anyone reading this has a post-apocalyptic fantasy world outfit they’d like to share, i’d love to see it. By all means, comments or something. (:

Aside from that though, my family went to my sister’s boyfriend’s place today for a night of fun. I personally don’t think i’ll be able to make it, sadly. I’ve just been feeling like shit for the most part. And now that weekend is coming, there’s no way i’ll get that paper in the mail about the time and date.. Oh well.

I shouldn’t let my thoughts wander into that place again. At least not right now. Maybe i’ll play some 3ds to make me forget about how shitty i feel.

Oh, and i got a response from my friends about “Leaving the pink garden” this morning, and she said she liked it, so that’s always good. She’s currently at her parents place with family and friends, so hopefully the whole day went well for her. I guess i won’t know until a few days from now.


Nothing planned.

Today’s image/video

I’ve never seen a cat as grumpy as this one before. It’s so cute and funny:

Day 159: That short post!

In today’s post:
Short post.


Not in a big writing mood today. I just got done with the story i wrote just a few minuts ago, and don’t feel like writing much more than that.

All i can really say is that it’s been kind of hellish today. Downloaded some enya to soothe my spirit though. So i’m all set to relax this night. Can’t wait till i feel better though…


We’ll have to see.

Leaving the pink garden

I say good bye to my pink garden to go visit friends and relatives, who live far beyond the thorns of the garden. Thorns that grow and consume the land surrounding it, making it span far across the land. Still, my friends and family live far away from it.
While driving, i looked in my rear view mirror to see the thorns at a distance. As i came closer and closer to my destination, the thorns became less and less distinguishable from anything else, as it disappeared into the horizon. To think that i used to fear it. To think that i used to let it consume the pink garden, once, long ago. It all seem so trivial now, in retrospect. It will always exist and be an issue for someone, but it no longer pesters me.

Once i got to my family and friends, it had already become sundown. You could see the clouds form pink as the sun was setting. I stepped out of my car and walked to the front door of my parents’s house. They said that they would all meet me there. My friends, parents, siblings.. I hadn’t said anything special, nor was anything of significance going to happen that night. But they all knew that it would be the last time. The last time that i would set afoot inside of that house. Not the i that is me, but the i that once was me. The ‘i’ that is struggling for its life, trying to survive. The ‘i’ that is telling me to sit down and be quiet. The ‘i’ that is telling me to stop.
I think it’s called Jante. “Well, i’m sorry, Jante, but i’m done with you. You were never welcome, and it’s a shame that i even had to know you in the first place”. That night would be the last time he told me to do anything.

I stepped into my parents house, and was greeted with friendly faces who were all eager to hear what i might say.
The darkness slowly wrapped its warm blanket upon the land, and sundown became night. I had spilled my soul everywhere that night, as well as a few tears. Tears of both joy and sadness.
As i got ready to leave, one of my oldest friends met me half way to my car, where i had parked it. He asked me if he was ever going to see me again. I explained to him that life has a lot of intertwining paths, and that ours would cross multiple times. Because even though mine will change color, texture and material, it will still act as the road that i’ve always walked on. It will just look different.

~Written by Jenna G, as a tribute to my good friend, Jocelynn.

Day 158: Stay true to yourself and you’ll be hard to beat

In today’s post:
Carl Sagan, enough said. I’m a creative person, here’s my web design. And being yourself.


Fairly sure i’ve used that title before, and one of the videos i’m linking in this post, i’m sure i’ve linked before as well. Either way, it bares repeating.

I’ve got a few goodies to share in today’s post actually. So let’s get those out of the way. First of, Carl Sagan:



Good old sagan.. I don’t think i need to add anything to this. It pretty much speaks for itself.





I learned today that i was a highly creative person from a podcast i was listening to, where a guy was talking about how he went to a specialist on “highly creative people”, and that he said that it was defined as someone who makes a lot of content, but hardly ever finishes anything. In other words, has a lot of unfinished stuff. So.. I take it with a grain of sugar, but it does make sense. He also apparently said that it’s a good thing to do. But yea.. That being said.

Here’s a mobile version of my file server. I’m having a lot of fun with it, so i think i’m actually going to finish this one! Some tweaking will have to be made, and then i’ll add some more features. Fun times to be had! I’m glad i’ve been able to do something today actually.



I’ve been able to do something today as well, so i’ve been feeling fairly good actually. Still no news on any front though! I did talk with my sister though. I love talking to her. We talked a little about my situation and what’s going on with her and all that. I might be able to partake in a night with her and some friends, where we were thinking of playing some games at her boyfriend’s place. Some other in my family will be there too. I hope to be able to do it. It sounds fun.

Other than that, it’s been a fairly gray day outside with lots of autumn rain. So i’ve been enjoying it. The light of that tunnel is surely getting brighter. So much so that i’ve been thinking of how i want my own place to look like. How i’m going to decorate it. So yea! High hopes!


This Friday, i might spend time with family and friends, like i said.

Today’s image/video

A very well made video about discrimination. The shit we have to go through, just because we’re actually being ourselves. The  very thing our society is telling us to be, is frowned upon.. A very cruel and stupid world we live in.

The last shall be first.. And the blue shell shall lay its vengeance upon thee

I chatted with a Muslim a few days ago about the Koran. He claimed that, since the Koran alludes to DNA and evolution, through a vague scripture inside of it, that must mean that the Koran is scientific. “Because Allah put those ‘clues’ in the Koran”. Basically, what the argument amounts to, is that, as soon as we find something new in any field of the sciences, we must go to the Koran and interprate exactly which one it must be.

That’s sort of how Astrology works, and you could easily do the same with the bible or any other ancient text. For instance. Did the bible predict that Mario Kart would be known for its blue shells?

This is obviously humbug though. Unless that wasn’t obvious. I mean, sure, it makes sense in a way, and i guess to Christians, it even holds some weight. Since that’s the logic a lot of you seem to operate upon.

All in all. No religious text contains scientific answers (Which is why scientists don’t go to them to find answers), and it’s wrong to point out after the discovery and understanding that “Well, my religious book knew that all alooooooong!!1one”. It’s not the type of logic one should use, and you will be laughed at if you use it.

I know i haven’t said anything too original here and i doubt it’ll change anyone’s mind, but i just wanted to get it out there. The picture kind of sparked it, as is probably evident in how it’s written.

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