Dream about a casino and obama

I’ve been having a lot of dreams lately. One involved having lesbian sex and another was about easter eggs in videogames.

The one i had this night was about a casino that someone was making in a normal American household neighborhood. The casino (The owner, a woman) contacted me where i live, in the middle of Sweden, asking me if they could buy some land from me. More specifically, they wanted to buy the land where my bed is in the room. Now.. i don’t know why they’d want that, but i said i was going to think about it.

After that, the dream eventually took me into final fantasy, where i did some money stealing trick on a monster in that game. That monster would later turn out to be the casino, which made me want to un-retweet the tweet i had retweeted, after having stolen money from that monster (The tweet was about me stealing that money. I think it was about 5000 GIL). I can’t let them think that me stealing money from them constitutes a selling of land, now, can i? You’d think i’d be more concerned with them wanting to press charges.. But yea..

So where does Obama come into the picture? Well, they called again shortly after i had un-retweeted that tweet, and i said to them that i was still unsure, and that i would only consider it if they sent Obama.
A few hours later, the doorbell rang, and in came Obama. I remember not being too surprised. He was a very nice person — as i expect he is in real life — and he told me everything about the legality of me selling this land, and what they were going to do with it. Apparently, they could take this land and transfer it to the US.. Somehow..

So after a nice visit, and having made a new friend, Obama took his leave, and left for the US in his private airplane. After he had left, my parents came back (I live with them, and they weren’t at home), and asked me who that was. I said it was the president of the united states, Obama. They didn’t believe me at first though! Only later when the transfer of the land was completed would they believe me. Which is what i did. I called back to the Casino, which was now owned by two people, and sold them the land. I can’t remember for how much though! All i know is that i was suddenly in the Casino with them. It looked like an old school videogame arcade…

And that’s the end of the dream. Pretty weird.


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