Day 120: I don’t conform

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South American men are sexy! On, conforming to social norms. Hillbillies. Internet time’s a-changing. Retsupurae. Gamegrumps animations

Ramblings and what not

I know it’s a generalization and totally random, but i feel like just blurting out random shit from my brain today. South American men are fucking hot! I mean, i have a friend in Brazil, named Pedro, who’s hot. Mysteryguitarman is hot. My sister’s boyfriend is hot. Etc!

Some more random shit!!

I remember once in one of the many daycares i’ve been to as a child, we were having hot chocolate. As always, when anyone but me makes anything you need to heat, it was overheated.. and i mean, mouth murdering hot. And the action i took to prevent this really makes me proud. Instead of waiting for it to cool down, i filled it with some cold water. Not much, but enough to make it drinkable. I would have used cold milk instead, but i remember that there was none left.

And it’s funny… because i remember everyone else being so shocked at what i had done. “Waaaah! How could anyone do that!? That is highly unorthodox!!”. And that’s basically my life. Other people alienating me for being “weird” and not conforming to the norm. I never have, and i never will. Because… Why would i want to be someone who jokes about someone watching cartoons, saying that “it’s only for kids”. Or someone who only thinks about their own narrow bubble. Basically, why would i want to be someone with a very limited worldview and way of being.

I mean, i remember other times when i’d be riding my bike in a slightly over average speed, (Cause i like going a little faster) — heck, sometimes, it would be normal or even slower speed — and having people cheer me on in a sarcastic manner. What do i even say to that? I mean, i live in a town, where people react at something so uninteresting, as someone biking. And that’s not only thing people react to. When you decide to let go of the handle of the bike, they’ll all chant in unison: “Fall, fall, fall, fall!!”. When you just walk. Every single car on the side of the road, will have people just looking at you. And they do this with everyone. There’s apparently nothing more interesting, than a pedestrian. They’re all fucking hillbillies. I can’t stand the people in this town.

Anyway. Ranting over!

Quality has changed

I watched this video:

And it made me think about how much quality has changed on the web. I mean, just a few years ago, you would be able to get popular making webcam vlogs, having something other than at least 480p quality and being mildly amusing.
The internet is getting a larger threshold for people that want to get into it and make something out of themselves. Not sure i like it.

A good thing is that there’s far more good stuff laying around everywhere, so you’ll always have something to watch. The bad part is that it’ll eventually turn into mainstream TV.


Been watching a lot of “retsupurae” lately. Ever since happy videogame nerd linked to one of their videos. Not sure if i really find them that funny, but i really like them. Really shows how much shit gets put up on youtube. I recommend checking them out, if you’re into “the let’s play community”.

Other than that, i haven’t really done much. I’m just resting for what’s to come in a week.. One week..


I guess i’ll play some skyward sword, although i am not sure if i will!

Today’s Image/Video


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