Day 119: Rap and hiphop is wonderful

In today’s post:
Brief ramblings on rap and hiphop. Xenophobic racist. I have anxiety disorder. And the “last song”.

Rap and hiphop

I’ve been an avid fan of rap and hiphop since i was about 14 years old. The first album that made me fall in love with the genre was “struggle continues”. Which is a Swedish group, who mostly sings in English.

I wanted to write a little about it just to express how sad it is that mainstream has tarnished it so much. People will imagine a bunch of brats who sing about a culture they couldn’t possibly grasp. You, the gangstah culture. “Smoking dem weeds, busting caps in asses, and smexin’ dem hoes”.

It’s so much more than that. To me, it’s the complexity that comes from simplicity. You will hear a sentence or word combined in very unique and interesting ways, and invoke a lot of emotions.. I don’t feel i’m capable of really explaining what i mean right now, but it is a huge shame that it’s been tarnished the way it has.


Cleaned my room, listened to some podcasts and had a fun confrontation with a xenophobic racist (It was very amusing). It really was the whole deal. From openly denying it, even though his profile was filled with evidence of the opposite; to the pampering of words, just to sound smarter (Like starting a sentence with “pray”, as if we lived in the 1700)

But anyway.. I’m still feeling anxious and all that.
When i first contacted an expert, i got a tip in the phone, that i could do while waiting to come in contact with someone i could arrange a time with. They told me to read up on it. To study up on anxiety (I don’t usually read up on illnesses and what not, because it’ll drive a person mad if you read too much into it). The results? Every single symptom checked true.

I have anxiety disorder. And now it’s just a matter of doing something about it. I found some things that i kind of already knew (Due to it being on and off a little now and then during all these years it’s been going on). Like, trying to practice up a way of dealing with the emotions that arises, to change your lifestyle and eat healthier.

It made me feel a bit better about it, but it’s not like it’s going to instantly make me cured.  But at least i’m 99.99% sure of it now. So that’s great. I’m making progress.


Next week, i was thinking of starting to play some Zelda skyward sword. And the week after that… it’s school time. I’m gonna have to tell them of my mental illness and my plans though. Since i’ll have news about a time with an expert by then (Wed 22nd)

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