Day 113: Damn tooth – Ranting

In today’s post:
Argument about cookies. Lots of ranting. No more minecraft. And a Velociraptor in Melbourne.

Tumblr post about cookies

I wrote a post on tumblr a few minutes ago:

The guy i reblogged talked about the significance of fortune cookies. It’s a short and humble post, that he made. But i felt like poking fun at it anyway. Not sure if he’s really that superstitious though. Either way, i had fun.

So many issues

Part of a tooth i’ve been having problems with for a few months now, fell off today. My gums around that area is swollen too. I think it’s gotten smaller, and it’s not really hurting at the moment, but it’s still annoying.
YOu know.. I wish i could do something about it, but i have no money. I’m sure i’d have to save up at least 5000 SEK before even considering it. So around november of this year, i should have the money (From studying) to fix my tooth issues…

That’s just the tooth issues though! I’m sorry, but i feel like complaining today.

There’s the anxiousness and stress i have, which has been an issue for about 3 or 4 years now. Probably closer to 3.
The remidy i have for this, is to try to get a routine in day to day life. Now that i’m finally starting school, that should be much easier to do. But i was thinking of starting tomorrow by waking up earlier.

Then there’s my swollen leg that i have to deal with. Luckily, money isn’t too much of an issue there, due to our awesome healthcare system. So i should be fine.

Then there’re the transsexual issues.. My big expensive computer that i got last xmas is being repaired, and i worry about it getting fixed in time.

End rant..


When i finally decided to not even try to sleep anymore, i stepped outside where my mom was smoking cigarettes. She does that every morning, so it’s nothing too special. But she was a little annoyed at me not sleeping, and saying that everyone in the family is running around all night.
Now, she’s told me before that she doesn’t mind that at all.. But i guess she does. Not that i blame her though.

But one thing i don’t like about my mom is that i never get much in terms of motivation from her. You know.. Maybe it’s wrong of me to expect that though. But i told her i was worried about going to school, having all the issues i have. And she told me that, if i was gonna have that attitude, then don’t bother going then.. Which really isn’t helping.. At all.

Played some minecraft, mostly. I really want to have fun in it, but it’s not really striking that nerve anymore.

Other than that, i didn’t really sleep yesterday, so… Been too tired to do much of anything, really.


Penn’s sundayschool podcast! It’ll be fun! Then in two days from now, i’ll be going down to the doctor about my leg.. To think it’s been about two months since i went there for the first time. It was the beginning of summer then, now it’s the end. Two months of summer. Typical Swedish summer.

Oh, and while i’m at the doctor, i’ll be inquiring about a psychiatrist as well. Tell them that the place i initially contacted told me to speak with them about it. So i look forward to it.

Today’s Image/Video

Saw this video of a Velociraptor in Melbourne yesterday:


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