Day 109: Awesomerants

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Awesomerants rant. Minecraft. Blueberry season. Almost fall. Mario 64 speedrun


There is this user by the name of “awesomerants” on youtube, who make, you guessed it, rants… Well.. To be more specific, she makes informal videos meant to spark some conversation, along with pure rants.

The video i want to bring up is a rant. And there’s no issue with the video itself. I think she makes good points, and i agree that it’s very annoying when people just won’t listen…. Especially when they claim to like the videos.

I saw someone leave a comment on that video where he said that “making fun of people’s dick size might not be the best idea if you want to be constructive”. Only issue with this comment is that she never insulted anyone’s penis size.

So to put it briefly, i got into a smaller argument with this guy, telling him that maybe you’re not that big of a fan as you claim to be, since you clearly aren’t listening to her. It ended up with him telling me that i had nothing worthwhile to say, and me saying that i probably shouldn’t have gotten angry at him for not listening, but since it was on the subject of not listening and all that, it kind of just made me annoyed to see that even then, someone will flat out be ignorant about it.

But you know what’s the most annoying aspect of it? AwesomeRants puts in so much work and effort into what she’s saying. She’s very well spoken and articulate. So there’s no excuse.

The videos in question:

The one where people claim to have heard her insult dick sizes:

The video where she rants about people not listening:

And you know.. I tend to misinterprate and misunderstand quite a lot. I usually have to double check everything to be 99.99% sure i heard something right. So i know where he’s coming from, when i attack him for being so ignorant. But you have to be stronger than to not learn anything from it. I mean, what’s wrong with admitting that you were wrong? Well, i can think of a lot of reasons why people have issues with that. Heck, i even have problems doing it sometimes.

But oh well. It is what it is. I just wanted to point it out because for one, it’s something that happened in my monotonous life, and second, it gives a little exposure to a very smart woman. I recommend checking her out.


I played some mincraft today. The 1.3.1 update. I managed to play for a little over an hour, and here’s what i noticed, in order: Large biomes are fucking huge. Villagers can live in their own houses. The hard difficulty is much harder. You get exp from mining and cooking now. Temples spawn in the overworld.. I died, gave up, won’t play until i can get some people to play with again.

I love minecraft, but ever since i played multiplayer, single player just hasn’t been the same. I’m gonna try to see if i can get my brother and some friends to make a new server with me. A legit server! That would be cool!


I finally got to pick blueberries today


I managed to get a little more than that before getting too tired to pick anymore. Enough to make a pie. So we’re making a raspberry and blueberry pie tomorrow. It’ll be awesome. I might even go back up to pick some more blue berries too. Because there were a lot of them.

Other than that, i haven’t done much. Chatted with some people in real life and on the web. Had a fairly good day. Decided not to do anything on my music program too. So no progress there.


Might pick some more blue berries. Very therapeutic. I love how the wind of the fall has started to blow too.. We’re getting closer to my favorite time of the year. Oh yea, and i HAVE to remember to remove the motherboard from my computer so that i can send it in for repairs.

Today’s Image/Video

I watched a speed run of Mario 64 earlier. It’s a 100% speed run. I recommend it if you’re very bored, and want something to just be awed at.


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