Day 107: Xanadu = Mars, the beautiful journey

In Today’s post:
Minor update, and some legal talk on the music app. Mars rover is beautiful. Some counter-arguments to the Mars naysayers. Blueberries and raspberries. ELO’s Xanadu

Music app update

Did some minor updates today. Mostly, i tried to figure out how to render things inside of the HTML.. I feel a bit silly, because i was one simple function away from it. Simply make an if that will only be triggered when it’s inside of the browser back-end (HTML), and everything you do inside of that if, will magically work. I swear, this back-end that i’m using (“CEF”. Chrome embedded frame) is very weird. But hey, it’s a good experience.

I did some checks on the legal aspects of my program too. It seems CEF is semi protected code, in terms of distribution. I should check the readme file it talked about. Oh, and the grooveshark and youtube implementation is a total gray zone. Because the program itself only renders HTML. That’s it! Then you can script things however you want to modify everything rendered in it. Which google chrome can do it, if you download stylish or tampermonkey. Heck, i think google chrome can even change styles on any site if you just modify a document. So i don’t know if i’ll be able to make money on the program. Not that i know if i would even do it to begin with.

Is there life on maaaaaaaaaaaarrrrsss!!!

Just to get it out of the way. Love that song, and i think it’s appropriate.

The Mars rover successfully landed on Mars. We’re currently exploring an alien world, to find life and hopefully takes some amazing pictures of the many desolate and foreign vistas of our red neighbor.

This whole achievement brings out the artsy side of me. You see so much shit out in the world, that just makes you ashamed to be a human. So it’s nice to be able to say that i’m proud of it, at least for now.

Some really beautiful things i saved today:



KXCD made a really beautiful pic. Simple, and strong.
The crew at NASA when they learned that the rover had landed safe and sound. Very beautiful as well.

Following the rover will be like an adventure to me. I’m genuinely excited for it! Feels fantastic! ^w^!!

Mars naysayers

There are the naysayers who will say that it’s a waste of money. To which i reply: Go live in a cave then, and never ever be curious about what’s beyond that hill. Oh, it’s a volcano that will kill all the humans living in that cave in about 3 generations? Well, tough luck! Maybe you should have been a little more curious, and actually want to move beyond your own comfort zone.

Another reply i have to the naysayers who make the argument that we should use the money on better things, is: Stop supporting the movie, videogame and music industry. Also, make sure to calculate exactly how useful some other things are. Like, do you really need that TV? What about that computer?

All in all. Think a little. Please.


Anyway.. I wrote a lot more on those things than i thought i would. It’s been an ok day overall. I called the psychiatrist and they told me to call back next monday, and i should have a time then. If not, we were going to figure out something. Either way, i have some progress there now. Which is great.

Just ate some natural yogurt with raspberries. It got me thinking about what to do tomorrow…


… I’m going to go up in the forest to pick some blue berries! It seems like it would be a fun thing to do actually. So that’s what i’m going to do tomorrow. And hopefully get the back-end done on the music program. I keep adding features on there. Committing the ultimate application-maker sin.

Today’s Image/Video

ELO made a song called Xanadu. I think it’s a cover. Either way, it made me think about the Mars rover for some reason. If you think about it:


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