Uncertain about: meat industry vs herbivore activists

The twitter vegan i keep mention on here talked about “cattle eating the food of humans” earlier. To which i replied “You know that humans don’t eat hay or grass, right?” and he told me that they also eat grains and wheat. Which i found out that they do. But also found that only 2% of what’s grown is given to livestock. Which isn’t a lot. Not that i feel very comfortable about the source (Or rather, lack of source) on that number. But i’ll check it later, since i don’t particularly find it too important right now. Just a quick little argument there.

I find that notion pretty weird, that livestock eating our food is the problem of 3rd world countries. A huge reason why people can’t eat. He said that for one cow (I think he said cow.. or maybe he just meant one livestock), 6 people went hungry. Correct me if i’m wrong, but i kind of thought that what 3rd world countries had in common, and what makes them such hellholes, is that the countries out right suck. Things like: Corruption, guerrillas, dry land, diseases, etc.
Not the fact that we in 1st world countries (I use that loosely when including the US) eat meat. But i really don’t know much about it, and i want to learn more. Only issue is that i have no idea where to start looking.

I could google something akin to what this post is named, but i’d end up with very slanted opinions and bias statistics about the matter. Things that just rubs me the wrong way. Whether it be from the meat industry who put up this facade that everything’s hunky dory, or it be from the vegan extremists who say that PETA has come to liberate the world — and anything in between.
I could write on forums and ask people, but i can’t really find one i think would yield too much diversity on the issue.

So i’m stumped. I feel that the best thing to do is to just get out there and find the answer yourself. Like Hitchens always talked about. Or maybe i should just go to as many forums as i can, to get some answers though. See what i can find.

As a side note: I’m not 100% clueless. I do have my thoughts and i have seen quite a lot on this issue, from both sides. It’s just that all the information is making me confused, and i don’t know where i should turn to get a new start, so to speak. Cause i want to get to the bottom of all this finger pointing.


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