Day 104: Jenna’s special day

In today’s post:
Vegans. Internet is easier than local (Music app). Jenna Jameson takes it really hard. And the Onion, on bullshit.


I wrote a post today about meat industry vs herbivore activists. Nothing i really need to add to it. I just thought i had to mention it again. Cause i’m still pondering about where to go from here.

Music program

The music program is coming along great. The auto hide/show is working great and i played around with grooveshark today. The first skin (Which i might rename it “Themes” instead) will have local files, grooveshark and youtube you can use to listen to music. It’s really fun to make! And since it’s webkit and everything, i can use google chrome to test it. I could release a demo tomorrow, and make sure that that the program works on more computers (I’m really not sure if it’s using any debug files or external DLLs that i need to link for non-dev computers).

But yea. I’m very happy to have made it in webkit. It means that making the local file structure for it will be the hardest part. Funny enough! Not that it’s too hard.. but there are some issues i’m still pondering. I will have a nice little import feature while figuring out drag and drop though. Basically, it’ll check some pre-determined folders (And some user defined folders too, if the user so chose to define some) and generate a json playlist for the program to use. A fun thing to do too. File in and out functions are really fun to play with.

Here’s a quote from what i wrote in the skin specifications:

Some explaination on the framework of a skin:
A folder counts as the skin, and everything in the folder (In this case, “iOSpired”) defines how it’ll look and function. Images, html files, css files, javascript files, etc.
Required files in a skin are: index.html and injectionlist.txt. Everyting else can be whatever you need them to be.

The program renders all the content using webkit (same as google chrome), so that means you’re basically making small websites, with some added functionality and versitility. If you wanted to, you could even make it something completely different from a music player. Although it is primarily a music player program. Want to make it display stock, weather? Why not?! Go nuts. Make it a videogame.

So in short, you need to know html, css and javascript. And if you do, you’ll feel right at home.
Some limitations to the music files are that you can only play them nativly (That is, without including an SWF file as the music player on top) in ogg and mp3.

A tutorial on exactly how to make a skin is included with the program, along with some other information on developing and such. But it is recommended that you simply look up some html tutorials or look at the files in this skin, to learn how to make a skin. Learn by tampering, as i say.

Jenna Jameson

Apparently, Jenna Jameson, the porn star, decided to give Mitt Romney her seal of approval. Which isn’t the only seals she’s given to men, if you know what i mean. I doubt anyone really cares about her opinion on it, and i’m sure the enforcement from her was either just her displaying her less than stellar brains, or her thinking it would be a good business decision.
Whichever the case, i’m certain that the internet only cares because now can all make a lot of sex jokes. Which are so easy to do, by the way. Not unlike herself.

She endorses Mitt because she wants the rest of america to get fucked too… Anyway, just enjoy. Not usually into sex jokes, but they’re fun now.


Gotten a lot of love on twitter today. Chatted with some people, and just had fun. I’m having a lot of fun on that site! If you’re reading this, and you don’t have a twitter, get one, and we can chat too!

I feel better about the guy i talked about yesterday. I figured that it’s best if i just live my life, and let whatever happen in its own way. If that makes any sense.


Nothing planned. It’s weekend too, so nothing much’s gonna happen. Still a little stumped that i’m starting school soon though! Getting a little giddy.

Today’s Image/Video

I’m not subscribed to the onion, because i think that a lot of the time, they’re not that funny. They’re ok, but not very funny in my opinion. However, sometimes, i just think they make fantastic videos. Like this one:


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