In defense of non-voters


Last night, i had what could best be described as a “clusterfuck of an argument”, with a friend on twitter. I don’t really think any of us understood each other’s points. It was an argument about voting, essentially.
So now i’m going to clarify what my position is on the voting issue.

I’m of course referring to voting for political parties. Exercising your democratic duties, some would put it. I’m inclined agree with that somewhat. Although i think people should have the choice to vote or not.

Vote or STFU

The first argument is “People who don’t vote has no right to complain”. I find this a very stupid thing to say. Because i think you should engage in a discussion with them, ask them why they don’t vote. Instead of telling them to vote or STFU. How likely do you think it is that anyone will be inclined to vote when voters will tell them that they have to, or else their view is invalid. At least that’s the tone you usually get.

Would anyone think i was making a good argument if i told a voter who voted in the politicians currently in power, that they can not complain, because they were the ones who voted for them to begin with? I think that would be equally as stupid.

All i’m saying on this point is that, we should engage in a discussion instead of just dismissing one another. Because that does nothing productive what so ever, in my opinion.

Voting ignorantly is worse than not voting at all

I think the title here explains itself. If you’re someone who vote on a superficial level, (Example: You hear a politician make a bunch of promises you like, and vote based solely on that) then you’re a bigger part of the problem than non-voters. As simple as that. And you don’t get to taut your own horn in discussing politics. Because people will pick up very quickly, that you’re an ignorant fuck.

I think Issac Asimov said it best:

“Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.’
― Isaac Asimov

Do i vote?

I have yet to really vote, myself. But i am thinking of voting at some point. So what does that make me? Am i to believe that it’s a dichotomy, where either you vote, or you don’t? Because if we’re to believe that, then i would fall into the same group as people who openly reject the notion. I try to be someone who has a good understanding of something, before jumping into it. I openly admit that i have little clue as to how the Swedish political system works. Obviously, i have the basics that i learned in school. But i don’t know the actual.. Dance, if you will. The lingo. The game. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but i feel like i want to understand it on a deeper level before voting. Maybe then, i could even vote for any of the main parties.

I’m not currently making any larger efforts to get to that point in my mind though. Mainly because i have other things in my life that i feel are more important. I honestly don’t put as much weight on voting as many others seem to do. My personal life comes first.

And i know that politics influences my life too, and yes, i do have political views. All i’m saying is that i have to focus on myself, only, for a while, and i feel that my view on politics in Sweden isn’t enough. That’s all.
Maybe the election after this coming one, i will make a vote.

What the fuck am i talking about anyway?

I guess the point of this post is to explain why i haven’t voted yet, why we shouldn’t dismiss one another and why voting doesn’t automatically make you a better person (Not a part of the problem).
I hope these points are clear to anyone reading this. I sure as fuck didn’t make a clear  case yesterday apparently. Although, i am told that twitter’s 140 character limit isn’t exactly friendly to those of us who try to explain things. But, you know. Other inadequacies of mine are obviously also a factor. After all, i am a Swede, writing in English. English is not my native language.

I think voting is a step in the middle, towards making a difference in this country, and even in countries like the US… although, i might be wrong there, due to the massive corruption problem. But i think for the most part, it holds true.

So in short. My view on voting is of someone in the middle. I don’t think it’s utterly pointless like many non-voters and even voters do, but i don’t think it’s this super duper thing that represents everything that’s good in this world, like so many voters seem to think. It’s just good, and i think you need to do more to make a significant change.


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