Gay marriage, the reality of the situation

At least once a month, you get some big story on how some corporation, celebrity or over-night celebrity, is against gay marriage. Always in the US too. That seems to be where the issue is taking place at the moment. Because in every other developed country (and i’m using that term very loosely when including the US), it’s not a big deal. In fact, most of us understand that it has nothing to do with anything, in terms of how well a country is going to fare. If anything, it’s a good sign that we’re more inclusive, free and open.

That being said. Chick-Fil-A. I’m not going to go on in any intricate detail on this particular issue, and i’m not going to make arguments as to why the anti-equal marriage crowd is in the wrong. I already made a post where i refuted all the common arguments against equal marriage rights.
All i’m going to do is to level with you. I’m going to tell you exactly what will happen.
And in the future, when i end up being right (Because i am right, on this particular issue), don’t go back to this post and say how i was some kind of prophet for predicting that it would go the way i am about to lay down. Because we all know what’ll happen, eventually.

So here’s the thing. The side who want slavery to be legal, and makes arguments explaining how we need slaves, or else our culture will crumble and fall, and our economy will go to shit; will lose. The side who want women to not be able to vote, and make arguments saying how women are inferior, and bring up statistics pointing out how women aren’t capable of thinking “right”; will lose. The side who don’t want people of different colors to marry, and make arguments pointing to how interracial couples are worse parents; will lose. The side who are against homosexual rights, and make arguments pointing out how couples of same sex are worse parents; will lose.
The anti side will lose. The exclusive club will crumble. The wrong side will fail. The bad guys will drop dead. You always do. Yet, you persist, because that’s what cancer does.

Now.. can we go back focusing on real issues in the US? I mean, you have an economy that looks like shit. You have a huge corruption problem in your government. You’re rapidly losing freedom, ever since 9/11. The country is falling, and it has nothing, i repeat, nothing(!!) to do with people of the same genders getting the same human rights as you. Just like how black people being able to drink from your water fountains, didn’t make the country fall into pieces. So stop equating “people not thinking the way you do, and not conforming to your ideas” to “the end/degradation/perversion of civilization”. Have an open discussion, debate, change your mind, be skeptical, think things through. That way, you can be sure to at least have a more clear view of reality than those who don’t even want to try to change their minds on things, and will, without a doubt, see that being against equal marriage rights for every human being, is down right stupid.

THAT’S IT! End of story.


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