On AmazingAtheist and ultra liberals

This isn’t going to be a defense for Amazingatheist. Because i know that, if he wanted to, he could easily intellectually spank these people that i’m going to bring up. I’m just going to talk about my encounter with a few ultra liberals last night.

The inner Andrew Breitbart of Amazingatheist makes him want to retweet people who say, according to him, nutty things. This one time when he did it, i responded to the person he retweeted. The person he retweeted said that Amazingatheist was a disgusting misogynist “signed, a atheist woman”. So i responded with “Well, i don’t think he’s a misogynist, and i’m also a atheist woman. What now?”. So we started arguing back and forth, in what i would consider a rather calm manner.

What she was referring to was the time Amazingatheist made a comment to a redditor, where he was very harsh towards her. Even for him, it was very harsh. He was threatening her and everything. I don’t know too much about the details on it, because it just blew up the internet. But i did hear a lot of points of views back then, and Amazingatheist even said that he was sorry for doing so. So to sum it up, he was basically beign an asshole, and people were reacting, at least on an emotional level, appropriately — Even though i don’t really agree with people responding emotionally without an intellectual back-bone.

So yes! He did wrong, he said he was sorry for it. It seems genuine to me, and that’s that, right? Well, no… As anyone who’s ever had the displeasure of seeing a ultra liberal before, you’d know that they’re very easily offended, and stingy. They wouldn’t accept Amazingatheist’s apology, and continued taking to the blogs to write about how he’s a misogynist and so on.

Back to the twitter argument. I asked the, now, team of ultra liberals, why he was a misogynist. They linked to about four different posts, two of which was on freethoughtblogs (A site i am not going to visit for years to come) and two on other places (Probably affiliated with freethoughts blogs. I wouldn’t know). Both of the ones i checked pointed out the aforementioned story about the redditor.
So i told them that he’d said sorry (Which one of the articles even mentioned at the end), and that i thought that was a very big thing to do. Not many people will openly state such things. Most just roll with their arguments, even when they know they’re wrong. Just as a side note, I can see why most don’t opt to do that though. because doing so is usually greeted with scorn anyway. I aught to know. Me and TotalBuiscuit had a very nasty encounter once. But i digress.

They didn’t believe him apparently.
So now they’re basically saying that he is a misogynist because he uses ad hominem with ‘loaded words’.
Which i think is what they really want to say. “Anyone who says cunt, bitch, etc. Is a misogynist”. They seem to be under the impression that Amazingatheist hates all women, because he tends to call people names. I’ve seen his videos many times, and from what i can tell, he’s not a violent person and the only hate he has is non-discriminatory. He’s showed time and time again that he’ll hate anyone he thinks is stupid. Doesn’t matter what gender they are, ethnic group, religion, etc. But please. Find me where he hates all women. Where he actually does that, and not just jump on a smaller group, or one person, he considers stupid, that happen to be a group of women or a woman. Because that’s not all women. I know, that’s a shock to you. But it’s not.

They went on to say that he was a men’s rights activist and other strawmen. I mean, i know for a fact that he’s not, and i know that what they’re referring to is him making examples that there are qualms on both genders, and all groups of people. They’re taking that out of context, and goes on to use it against him, even if it’s not true. And for what? So they can cry and get people to feel sorry for them.

My advice to all you people who use “trigger warning” and are offended at simple words is: grow some balls and ovaries, please. It’s so pathetic to see you being outraged at simple words. Especially when most of you will turn a blind eye to someone calling a man “dick”, all while getting outraged at someone saying “cunt”.


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