Day 93: Return of hope and women’s clothing

In today’s post:
Hopeful about the future. New garbs and garments. Jenna, the English expert. Batman review. And much more


I started the day by going down to the employment offices to meet with some guy i was supposed to meet, but never did. But it wasn’t for naught, because i had two reasons of going down there. Yes, i gave them the papers with the signatures from the company i went to a few days ago. They told me to wait, and next time they contact me, i should be getting a date for me to start working. I’m not getting payed, sure, but it’s still work. It’s still obligations and focus on something, other than my pet projects and what not. Which i think will work wonders for my mentality (Especially when i get my own place to live in), even though it’ll probably be very hard at first.

So yea.. I feel pretty… amazed. How, after all this time, good change is coming left and right now. Getting my own place most likely sometimes this year, will get a new source of income, a job to go to, and something i want to talk more about.
I’ve been using a good swedish auctioning site to buy clothes and stuff. So i’m finally getting cute, cheap, and awesome clothing. It’s my first time buying my own clothes, believe it or not. I feel pretty proud that it’s a cute nightgown. I also have one day left on two other auctions. One’s a cute pink skirt and one’s a cute brown bra…


Life is getting better. I think hope has returned to me, and the day when i exclusively wear things i want (I have my reasons for not being able to now) is getting nearer


A few more notable things happened.. Took some test on myriam webster, where i found out that i have the vocabulary of a 40 year old English speaker. Which was fun. Obviously, nothing really definitive, but i think it’s telling, at least. I did when looking up “ne’er”. I always wanted to know how to spell it, and now i do. So that’s great! It’s a very flexible form of the word “Never” that can really save a lot of text space.

Speaking of language, i chatted with crumulent on twitter. Someone i started following yesterday. Had a lot of fun! He’s a fun man. Chatted a little about language and what not. Dragged in Evolution_child too. Fun times on the twitters.

Mom has been playing my 3ds quite a lot lately. She really loves Mario Kart 7. Can’t blame her. That’s an awesome game!

Added some widgets to the blog. Minor changes.

Oh, yea.. And i got a pintrest. Not sure how avidly i’ll use it, considering that it’s slow as hell for me, and the chrome extension i had for it didn’t really work that well. But maybe i could start using it later when all the bugs are ironed out. I had some ideas of storing a bunch of clothes i like on there. But maybe i won’t. Ionno.

Lastly, we finally started the process of getting the big pc, which had a motherboard issue, fixed now.


Hopefully, the nightgown will have arrived in the mail. Can’t wait! I think things sent via the post office has a minimum wait of 2 days, and a max of 5. So i should get it this week, if anything. And hopefully, i’ll win the other ones too.

Then i guess i will be waiting for the answer back from the employment office too. Although, i doubt much will have happened in just 24 hours.

Today’s Image/video

Spill made a very funny short review of Batman the dark knight rises.


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