Feminist extremism and religious fundamentalism are the same, just different teams

Yesterday’s Skepchick fiasco got me thinking about the skeptic and new atheist community. I believe that skepchick isn’t insignificant when it comes to these movements, because i see far too many respectable and big atheists pay attention, and even supporting them. Ms.Skepchick herself, Rebecca Watson, is even in the same podcast as Steven Novella. Things like “The atheist elevator” incident, had most of the community strongly in support of Rebecca Watson.
So she’s no slouch. Here we have a little girl who has ties to pretty big people, and is a large part of the skeptics and new atheist communities.

What i was thinking of is why, when people at SkepchickCON espouses such radical ideas (Like that the male brain is like the female brain, but damaged by testosterone), is there no one in that community lashing out? I mean, you’re supposed to be skeptical, but as soon as it’s someone in your group/team, you don’t care.
Which is the problem, i think. Teams. We’re not very keen on attacking people in our own group. Because it’ll cause fragmentation, and possibly even split the group, which makes it weaker. We see this in politics too. To give an example: Obama’s policies are identical to Bush’s in almost every way, but because Obama is a democrat, the democrats won’t attack him. At least not with the same fearocity.

I just think it’s rather amusing that a group of people who pride themselves on being intellectual, skeptical, free thinking and enlightened; act this way. They’re still a subject of group mentality, and they can’t seem to break free from it, or even acknowledge it.

As a disclaimer, i guess i should point out that religious fundamentalism has been a much larger detriment to the world than feminist extremism, of course (Which i suppose is “skeptic extremism” at this point). But the things the two groups preach are equally as wrong. When a religious fundamentalist say that being gay is wrong, that’s no better than a feminist extremist saying that being a man is wrong. Which they do say..
And this only points to the extreme end of Feminism (Skepchick, in this case). Which i suspect isn’t representative of actual feminism, which focuses on helping women and actual women’s issues.


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9 responses to “Feminist extremism and religious fundamentalism are the same, just different teams”

  1. Aleph says :

    Thanks for your thoughtful post.

  2. aceofsevens says :

    I think you are misinterpreting what he said. Greg was parodying arguments that assume that men are the default humans and women are variants. Have you seen the whole talk on YouTube or did you just read Thunderf00t’s quote mine?

    Incidentally, I talked to several of the other participants and they weren’t exactly happy about him using that tactic, but didn’t want to steer the talk away from the assigned topic of online harassment.

    I don’t really think it’s fair to say most of the community rallied to support Rebecca Watson, either. While she had a lot of prominent supporters, hundreds of people turned up to denounce her for being so sensitive on every article on the subject and several very prominent people joined in. More than a year later, every conversation in which she’s involved gets derailed toward elevator gate and there are several dedicated hater sites. I’m sure the anti-Rebecca crowd is in the minority overall, but they are quite vocal and numerous, so I think she can be excused for not feeling like the community has her back.

    • jennaisme says :

      I wrote a lengthy response, but now it’s gone just because i hovered my mouse somewhere else.. Goodness….
      But i’d really like to know the names of some of those prominent people. I know Dawkins rightfully mocked her, which made her pissed. But that’s about it when it comes to the detractor club. All in all, the fact that it even became an issue in the atheist community is just sad.

      • aceofsevens says :

        Also TheAmazingAtheist (who is prominent if the Internet is you main venue). Recently, Thunderf00t joined in on it for some reason. I’m not sure why as he was allegedly criticizing FTB for ideological rigidity and she isn’t involved with the site.

      • jennaisme says :

        TJ also states in the same video that he’s not a part of the community. He doesn’t consider himself a part of it. Thunderfoot, likewise. I think you actually have to do public speeches and what not, and/or work with the group, in order to be a part of it. Just being an atheist, from what i can tell, doesn’t qualify one to be part of the group.

  3. Maria Maltseva (@bluharmony) says :

    There are lots of big-name dissenters: Paula Kirby, Russell Blackford, Miranda Hale, and many more who have to keep their dissent somewhat covered for political reasons. In fact, it’s everyone who doesn’t profit from Skepchick or FTB or is one of their enamored, non-thinking fans. All I can say is that most people do see this for the lunacy it is. And a lot of people feel they have to keep quiet about it in order to maintain status in the “community.”

  4. Hector F says :

    @Ace ah, the “I was only joking” defense, the last resort of people who get called on their bullshit. Stopping someone from making a bad offensive misandrist argument wouldn’t have derailed the conference, it would have actually given some credibility to these chicks.

    I like your thoughtful post, and I agree with considering the fact that almost no one ever stands up to these radical feminists and tells them “dude, not cool to say that” is a big problem.

    But I also think that feminism has lost it’s way. It’s a movement that claims to seek equality for all and yet from the very name focuses on one gender.

    It’s a movement that asks men to be allies and support them and is nowhere to be found when men need support.

    It’s a movement that only focuses on women and women’s issues, while diminishing and belittling men’s issues.

    And I don’t think it’s only radical feminists who do this, I can count with one hand the feminists I’ve seen who worry or fight for or care about any problem that affects men and not women.

    We need a new movement, a humanist movement or an egalitarian movement, one that actually cares for everybody’s issues and fights for everybody’s issues.

    The people posting here would fit very well in that movement, and for that, I salute you, ladies and gentlemen.

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