Day 90: Feminism, batman and photoshop

In today’s post:
Feminism, batman incident, and photoshopping as a job.

Final thoughts on feminism

I posted an entry today where i explained Feminist extremism and how Skepchick is both that, and skeptic extremism. You can find that right here

I’m very skeptical of feminism, because the extreme end of it seems to be the only one we get to see anymore. Whenever you hear “feminist”, you expect it to be extreme, and when it isn’t, you almost suspect that it’s misguided, like the person claiming to be a feminist doesn’t even understand what it is. I fear this is becoming how people are viewing feminism today, only because it’s just the extreme ones we’re seeing.

So i urge any feminist out there, who think he or she is of the rational end of it, to be more outspoken. Explain what it really is, educate the people about it, and separate it from the extremists. Because it’s rapidly becoming a negative term.

Batman incident

Don’t exploit the situation, please. I see all these liberals claiming that it’s the gun laws fault that this happened. In short, i’m not convinced that’s the correlation. It’s as simple as that. I know little more about it, but i felt that i should as least point it out.


I woke up today around 12, having people tell me to wake up, because we had to get moving. You see, the place i’m getting a intern position at, is about 10 minutes away by car. So i had to get a lift with dad.

They were really nice people, and it seems like a good job. All we had to do was to touch up old photos, and digitize them. Easy as cake. I mean, i think most people know about the “level” tool in photoshop.
I just hope i won’t feel as stressed.. Had too much of it lately. My whole body felt numb when i finally got home. It’s that bad. Ugh.. Oh well. When i get my own place, it should all get better.


I’m going to enjoy the weekend. Mostly alone, i suppose, but maybe i’ll try hanging with my brother for a while. We’ll see.

Today’s Image/Video

Since i don’t really have much to show today, i think i’ll give this for people to read: American English is more correct than British.. Or if you chose to look at it like this: American English is less evolved, making it more primitive, than British English.


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