Day 84: Swedish rednecks

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Throwing away rants just to put them up again. Music gets a whole new face on windows. Lazy with flats.  Racist opportunists and Swedish rednecks. And vheart telling it like it is.

Penny-arcade sells out (Title of their kickstarter)

At the time of writing this, popular web-comic guys, Penny-arcade, has just started their kickstarter campaign.

I actually wrote a rather extensive post explaining the situation, but ended up not posting it, due to losing passion for it. Mainly because i realize that i’m torn on the subject.
There’s no doubt to anyone that they made a huge mistake going to kickstarter, for obvious reasons. They should have just hosted it on their site.

For those of you not in the know, read this article:

They claim that the reason why they’re doing it is because  they think people are tired of ads. But the reason why they’re actually doing this is because they’ve noticed that advertisers are getting more and more stingy, and are trying alternative methods of earning money, rather than bending down to the advertisers demands on showing popups, slow loading flash ads, etc. I wish they could just be forward with that, rather than claiming that it’s for the people they’re doing it.

They’re attempting a model of what they, and many other like to call “crowd funding”. It’s a more fancy word for “begging” or “donation”. So basically — putting the kickstarter thing aside —  they’re going to run their site purely on donations. I mean, that’s what it is. I know people are trying to use fancy words to make it sound more noble or whatever, but in essence, this is what they’re doing.

I know i’ve basically ranted on them this whole time, but i actually support their choice. I think they did some bad decisions using Kickstarter, and i think they could have been more upfront with it, rather than insulting the intelligence of their audience. But they’re free to try it. I don’t think it’ll work, at all. I mean, there’s a reason why buissnesses aren’t run like donation funds. But if they want to experiment, then go right ahead.

Me? I would never donate a single penny to them, just so they can keep their business afloat, and i don’t think i need to explain why that would be absurd. They have two of the largest gaming meetups out there, and have a site that’s majorly successful, with plenty of content that they could easily monetize.
It’s one thing with child’s play (Which is a charity organization they own) and maybe medical bills in case one of them gets huge medical bills or something of the sort. But pay just to keep their business afloat. Yea..


Music program update 3

I decided not to do any programming on the music program today. Instead, i completed the first draft of the theme i’m making for the program.

It looks awesome, if i may so so myself.

Other themes that i’m going to make before doing the first release of the program, is a windows classic, windows 7, windows 8 and a girly pink theme.

So yes. No programming today, because for one, i’ve had two days of extensive programming already, and i spent a lot of the day writing something i never published.

Flat search

So i got lazy today too!! But really, maybe i should wait until monday.

Racist opportunists and Swedish rednecks

There was a festival yesterday night in my town. Some fairly popular Swedish artists came, and there was a huge gathering of people. Oh, and rape, lawlz!1one Yea.. It happened again. Second time in a row. Sigh..

And of course, since i live in a town with Swedish rednecks who only has three issues they shallowly care about (Piracy, immigrants and taxes), we had protests that we need to lower the immigration. I’m certain it was sparked by some racists who used the fact that 70% of all rapists in Sweden are Somalian, and the latest rape incidents.
What more can i say about this? The fact that they’re  (Allegedly) demonstrating that we should kick out all immigrants just because the rapists, in this case (I think three are confirmed, but the second incident, we have little info on right now), happened to be people of a different origin, makes me fucking sick to my stomach. And that’s all i’ll say about this. There’s so much  more i could say, but i think it speaks for itself. Fuck this town and the horse they rode in on.


Other than that. Not too much. Fell asleep rather late last night. But no matter. Then i watched some youtube videos, and read some wikipedia articles about apes and what not.

Summer is already almost over, i’ve noticed. My little brother only has 5 more weeks of summer break, and we’re already getting cold nights. Maybe just a phase though. I’m sure we’ll get plenty more hot days, but all in all, it’s well over half over now.


Sunday.. So nothing, basically.

Today’s image/video

vheart, a really cool person on youtube, who talks about math and science, made this really good video about creating content on the internet, yesterday:


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