Day 82: P.N.G won’t F.I.T

In today’s post: Programming, looking for home, provincial rape and a rather slender man.

Making: Music program – day 2

A late blog post for the first time in ages. It’s about 11pm right now. I’ve always written it around 8pm – 9pm before. But hey! It’s always nice writing later as well.
The reason why this one’s late is because i’ve been trying to find a way to draw a PNG file to a HDC buffer. With little success so far. I fear i will have to use some wrapper after all. I haven’t tried if GTK+ integrates with windows yet though. Probably won’t, and i’m not sure if i want to try. Oh, and the GTK+ thing fell through because i found that getting web capabilities through that would make it slow. Take it like this. For each step, the program gets slower:

Binary -> Machine code -> Assembler -> High level language (C++) -> Wrapper -> Scripting language for wrapper -> Script to add web capabilities.

What i want to use is this:

Binary -> Machine code -> Assembler -> High level language (C++) -> Native windows (GDI).

But it seems i will have to just settle for a wrapper on top of windows instead. I’m sure the new version of the GDI API (Application programming interface for windows native code) that was released with windows 7 is able to put PNGs though. Maybe with the help of some libraries and Alphablended bmp blitting, or something..
Like i said, i’m kind of trying to find a good way to do it.

Here’s an unfinished mockup/preview of how i want the program to look. The window at the bottom rolls up and down depending if you have the mouse at the bottom (Or top, if you’d rather have that) of the screen. So you can do that to easily play music.

As soon as i’ve figued this one out, i won’t have much problem with anything else.


I called up the welfare place today!! They said that i should find an appartment, and come back to them. So they can approve the price. Very good news, in other words. So tomorrow, i’ll sign up for “bollnäs bostäder”, and start looking for a place to live!


I got news today that told of a woman who had been brutally raped and is now at the hospital. The two men who did it even stole her phone. Hopefully, it was a modern one, so you can track them down.
I talk about this because.. Well, it happened in the middle of the city. It’s the first time i’ve really felt “I could have done something about it”. I mean, yea. I live far from there, but my brother lives like, 50 steps from it. If i had chosen to stay at his place this week, i might have been awake at the time when it happened, and i could have stopped it. Obviously not my fault or anything, but it feels so surreal this time, because it was so close. I feel incredibly sorry for the woman who got raped, and it’s been on my mind the whole day.


We had the first thunderstorm of the summer today. Left the place very cold. It’s cold outside right now.
Still playing a lot of Mario Kart 7. I’ve been thinking of going to super mario 3d land though. Hehe! My brother talked about getting me some more games too. He said that he wanted to get some games he wanted to play. Haha!


Friday tomorrow. So i guess i’ll have myself something delish to eat.
Talking about future though. When i get my own place, i will start changing my life around for real! Like my mom and little brother is going to stop smoking now.. A lot of good change to come in the near future, that’s for sure.

For the first time in a long time, i actually have something to look forward to.

Today’s image/video

So.. PeteDorr on youtube uploaded this thing:

Damn, that game is creepy. I probably wouldn’t be able to play it. But well worth checking out the videos though. You’ve been warned though.


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