Day 81: The blog post without a title

In today’s post! Vegans, programming, plants in Sweden, some girly stuff, and politics and philosophy forums!

Vegan pt2

I had a conversation on twitter with a Vegan about animals and meat earlier. It was interesting. I thought about writing up on why i eat meat, and why i have no problems with the whole industry. But to summarize it, i simply don’t look at other animals the same i do humans. They’re very different in terms of ethnics, in my opinion. Now, obviously, i don’t want to mistreat them for no reason, but i think letting them live in abject luxury, letting them live longer, letting them succeed evolutionary, in exchange for us killing them prematurely to eat their meat, is ok to do.
If you put that next to a human, and say that “What if it was a human”, you could make a lot of arguments, but one i think is pretty big is that humans have different needs. Most animals are ok with just being fed, getting to walk freely in a larger area, being sheltered. And we give them that. But i’m always open to change this idea, if evidence against it is presented.

But i digress


I did some programming today. Not too much though, because i don’t want to burn myself again. Don’t think i spent too much time on it though.
Anyway. It was fun! I was thinking of making a music program powered by webkit (Which is what google Chrome uses as well). So far, i haven’t even gotten GTK+ (Which is the platform my program will run on) to work properly. Although, i suppose i didn’t do a proper test to see if it did. Will do more tomorrow if i get in the mood.

Looking for info

I’ve been looking around a little on the web, as of late. One is a forum where you can discuss philosophy, politics and all that; another is a place where plant life of Sweden is indexed. Cause i want to know more about plants here. If push comes to shove though, i might as well just dig it up myself.

Then the other thing is a forum where you can discuss politics, philosophy, etc. Cause i really enjoy doing that, and gods know that this town doesn’t have such a forum. So the internet is the only place i can go for that.


Hopeful about tomorrow, when i’ll get a time with someone to talk about welfare.
Sun finally decided to show up too. After more than 48 hours of absence. My brother seems rather stressed out about his job. He says that all he does is waking up, eating, going to work, sleeping, and that’s it. He’s down in the rot, so to speak. But maybe i’ll sleep at his place next week, and i can make dinner for him, like last time.

I’ve been thinking about about getting new clothes, and some more makeup too. I want some pink nail polish, and i need to buy some more red too. Even small vials lasts pretty long for me. So it’s not too much of a cost. Then i still need to buy a night gown too. I just sleep better with one.
When i get my own place, i will get something to comb my hair with too. I don’t have a brush.. Then i’m totally gonna buy some more things just to make me feel more like me. I’ve missed doing that, and i feel that i really need it. But you know. They’re not major costs. Any of it. Just something i feel i need. Will totally take some pics later.


I’ll call them!! I’ll make sure to set as many alarms as i can. I need to wake up for it! But i think i will wake up. Oooh, it’s gonna be sooo much fun! I can’t wait til i have the time.

Other than that, i suppose i’ll continue with the program some.

Today’s Image/Video

I saw this really cool Kinect invention earlier:


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