Retorting common anti equal marriage arguments

I got a sudden urge to retort some common arguments i keep hearing from the anti equal marriage crowd.

Tradition argument:
Aside from it being weak, because you’re basically saying that tradition trumps development and inclusiveness, it’s also faulty because we’ve destroyed other traditions that we found to be wrong before. Such as: Child labor, slavery, no rights for women, and much more.. Just because it’s a tradition, doesn’t make it right. We need to be able to develop.
As a side-note, i should probably point out that, ironically, interracial-marriage was illegal, and is a tradition we’ve broken as well. It’s ironic because here we are again, making the same arguments, except for different groups of people.

Sanctity of marriage argument:
It seems to be a very broad term, that is interpreted differently from person to person. But if i get the gist of it, what they mean is that, if we let people of the same gender marry one another, marriage will no longer be a pure thing. It will be tainted, for whatever reason. It’ll be seen as this silly thing because gays just prance around, ‘n’ do nothin’ more.

Going by that, then i have to ask why you’re not more active towards wanting to ban marriages of people like snooki, britney, and other people who divorce and re-marry all the time (Not just seleberties). What about “fast-food” marriages, like the ones in Las Vegas? Where you can get married in seconds. And lest we forget, incest marriage is more accepted in the US, than marriage between two people of the same gender.
I’m just not seeing that you’re concerned with sanctity, if that is how you define it…

Bible argument:
… Unless, of course, you mean that the bible doesn’t sanction it. In which case, i suppose it does say that incest is ok.
But let me back off.. I’ve read about what the bible says, and i’ve seen the different quotes from the King James interpratation. It seems to accept a lot of different combinations between people (Which is mostly ok with me, so long as the people involved consent to it). But i doubt many Christians that are against equal marriage really knows about it, and if they do, they probably don’t follow it (Because no one follows everything it says. Just that which falls in line with their narrow view. And it’s narrow because if you only take morals from the bible, you’re missing out on many of the different morals you can learn from other people of different beliefs. But i digress). So let’s ignore what the bible says about marriage, because it’s just really confusing, and no one seems to agree on it anyway. Also, it’s a 2000+ old book full of fairytales, translated many times, tampered with by the King James and who knows who else. It’s not reliable.

All i really have to say is that not everyone are Christian, and not all Christians subscribe to the gay bashing that the bible espouses. You’re imposing your religion by saying that the bible is against dem gays getting married. And i don’t know how to convince you that doing that is wrong. If that is the only argument you have, then you obviously don’t care about making a good case for your view.

Homosexuals are worse parents:
Ok, look. I’ve been fed information saying both. One study that the young turks talked about that said that homosexual parents are better, and one study from a creationist that said they were worse parents.
Personally, i think none of that matters, and i think that thinking it does is no worse than a racist saying that “dem blacks are worse parents” (Which i don’t know anything about. I was just using it as an example). Because one group of people are going to be worse than another group of people. Truth to be told, we’re all on differnt levels when it comes to parenting and what not. I think race, gender and sexual orientation is inconsiquential.

DISCLAIMER: The young turks opinion on the study, from what i recall, was about the same as mine. They didn’t think it mattered. So don’t think they pointed it out in support of equal marriage. I don’t want to make it sound like that, and misrepresent them.

Slippery slope argument:
Is a logical fallacy. Something people use when they can’t think of an argument.

Kids needs both a mom and a dad:
Then how come being a single parent is ok? You’re a hypocrite.
Same here when it comes to parenting too, by the way. People with one parent can still grow up to become pillars of the community, just like any other child. The only things i can think of that would affect the childs upbringing is the environment and the people around him/her. It’s all on an individual level. Like i said before, i think it’s inconsequential.

In summary:
I keep telling myself is that this shouldn’t be a mainstream political debate anywhere. It shouldn’t even be an issue. Retorting the points you often hear, is mindbogglingly easy. The hard part is to make the people that are under the impression that allowing people of different race or same gender to marry, will destroy the fabric of what we hold dear, to understand. From my experience, it’s always the ignorant speaking for the other side. I have yet to read or listen to a cogent and well thought out argument against it.

I’d say that i welcome people to critique and make counter-arguments, but i’ve found myself not feeling up for it once i get a response from someone, so maybe that’s not entirly true. But if you feel inclined to chip in with your thoughts, go right ahead.


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4 responses to “Retorting common anti equal marriage arguments”

  1. kip says :

    All “i”s, referring to yourself, must be capitalized; as must the “b” in Bible.

    • jennaisme says :

      I do know about the “i” rule. It’s one of the first rules of English grammar i learned. The reason why i don’t use it is because i think it’s stupid.
      I tend to only capitalize names of people and the first letter of a sentence (Not limited to, of course). To me, those are important. But yea, you’re right. It should be capitalized.

  2. kip says :

    Oh, okay. Then I applaud your individuality!

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