Day 79: sxephil is a botter? With Miley cyrus and Justin Bieber?


We need some internet drama, i think:

So grab dem popcornz, and let’s watch dat drama.

Personally,  i’m not a big fan of Phil, and i wouldn’t put it passed him that he is using bots. But, really, i don’t know if the claims are true. I’d love to see Phil’s response to the accusation though.. I have to say, blocking people and overreacting isn’t working well for him.
He gets butthurt very easily. Like when AmazingAtheist did a simple satire of his videos, he went on twitter, all butthurt. But that’s besides the point.


As much as i enjoy drama that rises up on the internet between people i have some amount of interest in, i’m not going to dedicate this post to it.

Today, i made my first steps towards getting my own place! Hells yes!! Tomorrow, i’m going to make some calls to see how i can get the money for it. I think, if i got to live on my own for a while, i would feel better. I would finally get some kind of life again. After so many years.
It’s a little frightening to leave the warm embrace of this sheltered lifestyle that i’ve had for about 3 years now. But i know it has to be done, and i know i need to build up my ego, my mentality again. Oh, and i just had an idea.. I will start making videos. Video blogs, and such. Can’t wait!

Cat again

This is Zlatan, by the way. Went down to feed him today too. As well as cleaning up his litter box. He was being all silly in the picture. Wanting me to pet his belly.


I’m still having a lot of fun with Mario Kart. Haven’t really gotten to Mario land 3d yet. Haven’t raced with Darrin either. He’s been busy.. Is all i’m going to say. Because i doubt he’d want me to write about his personal life on here.
Been raining all day today too, and it seems it’s just going to keep on raining. Not that i’m complaining. Gonna be fun to walk in the forest as soon as we get a sunny day though. I refuse to do it during rainy days due to puddles and such.


Tomorrow, i will make a call, and see what i can do about money for my own place. Um.. And that’s all i really know.

Today’s Image/Video

Chuggaaconroy is finally wrapping up his Super Paper Mario Let’s play, and has started the final boss of the game. And i have to say:

Fantastic music!

Then i listened to this song earlier too. Makes me chill!


In case you’re wondering about the title, it’s a satire of the naming scheme highly popular and esteemed youtube partners use to maximize profit. All well and good, but some amount of integrity and respect is lost, at least in my eyes.
If i could pick a thumbnail, i would use a porn star’s photo.

It’s fun mocking the hell out of though. My brother and i tend to do that. Anyway! That’s it! Carry on.


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