Day 78: I love cats

Rainy day

It’s been raining the whole day today. For some people, that’s just boring, but for me, it’s joyous! I freaking love it! And according to my weather widget i have on my ipod, it’s gonna rain for a looooong time. Let’s hope it’s right. Because this is just making me happy! Not having to care about the sun and what not. Since it’s always up now.
Went down to my old school where i used to go when i was around 7 and up.. Nostalgia. A lot of what was there when i was young, is still there today. Even an old climbing rig that’s been without ropes for years. Rendering it useless.
Yea.. Public schools in smaller towns tends to get ignored by the government. That is, until private schools become very popular, and very good; then the government just complains about no one wanting to attend their shitty schools.

Just do a better job.. Everyone! After all, the education of the young is very important.


Went down to my mom’s sister’s apartment today to feed her cat. Zlatan is the cat’s name. He’s… Special to say the least. My mom thinks that, were it a human being, he would probably be considered a special needs person. I have my reasons to suspect that he may be slightly retarded too. He’s afraid of everything. Every single thing startles him. Then he’s not dexterous at all. Knocks things down very easily (For a cat, that is). He responds very weirdly to you too.. I mean, if you could meet him, you’d probably think in similar ways. Disclaimer though: I am not an expert. I could be wrong. Maybe it’s something else. Maybe it’s just the way he is.

He is a very happy cat though! That’s for sure. Very cute too! Should have taken a picture, come to think of it. Fed him some ham, refilled his bowls with cat food and water, petted him a little, stayed for a short while, and then took off.
That is the life of me. Where a cat is interesting and news. Not that i should complain, and i’m not really sad about that. It’s just the way things are right now.


Other than that, i’ve been mixing around on my computer again. I’m now able to play music by just hovering my mouse to the bottom of the screen (I have my taskbar at the top of my screen). So that was very cool. It may seem weird to those who don’t have that geeky quality to them, but it’s just so satisfying to get things to look and work the way you want. Maybe tomorrow, if nothing special happens, i should probably post some screenshots and stuff. I’ve been wanting to write lists on my tumblr about how i’ve set things up, and the programs i use and what not. Make a new tumblr for that. Mostly just to remember everything. Have everything in one place, so to speak. Maybe call it.. “Over-customization”, or something like that.

Ah, yes! Before i forget! My Adventure Time avatar:

I thought it came out fairly well. Crude lines, and some minor errors, but other than that. True to the original.

Today’s Image/Video

I’m actually going to link two videos today. Both are songs. One from a Swedish artist, and one from the soundtrack of a game i played once.

This song is about things almost being perfect. That almost perfect feeling you get sometimes. When everything feels… almost perfect. It’s in Swedish though.

This game, i used to play for a few weeks when i went through my “I hate maplestory” phase. It has a really good soundtrack, i think. This is one of the better ones. Viridianscape is another one i really like. Belos ruins, i think one is called, that i really like.


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2 responses to “Day 78: I love cats”

  1. Maja says :

    My cat gets really scared of loud noises. Although she has mellowed out a little in the last year (she’s 12 now), she still hates strangers. Not sure about the dexterity. I hope your cat is OK, but I can’t really make an accurate assessment from over here 🙂

    • jennaisme says :

      Pretty sure he is ok though. He’s always been like that. I mean, he is active, is being taken care of properly, has a healthy apatite, and nothing major mentally seems to be wrong with it. Thanks for the concern though! :3

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