Day 71: Extra credits on Penny arcade

Sun times in Sweden

What i hate about living high up on this beautiful globe of ours, is that summers get very annoying. I really don’t like the heat and the insects to begin with, but hey.. I can live with that! The sun, is what gets to me. I really don’t like it that it comes up around 4am, and goes down around 10:30pm. Luckily, we’re going towards darker and darker days now, so that’s always something to look forward to. In winter, when it’s the darkest, the sun goes up around 8am and down around 4pm.
But yea. That’s my little summer rant.


I’ve decided that i should section different topics on my blog. Keep it a little more organized. Which is always nice.
Notice how this one has “BlogUpdate”? Well.. that’s something from years of programming. Can’t help that i type that way sometimes. Hehe.

Extra credits

I’ve wanted to address this for a few days now. But since i’ve talked about libertarians and freedom so much as of late, i just haven’t had the time.

Extra credits is a show on the internet, where they talk about videogames. What sets them apart from a lot of other shows, is that they address everything surrounding gaming. Like how mechanics of a game makes people feel. How to make games that are addictive, why they’re addictive, what skinner boxes are, the uncanny valley and it’s relation to videogame graphics, etc. They’re very informative, and really know gaming. They tend to keep it constructive too, which is always nice. One of the guys on there is a developer, himself. So a pretty great show, in my opinion.

That being said. I don’t think they have the expertise to stray outside the topic of gaming. They’re just not very good when they do that. The networking episode was confusing and the politics episode was slanted so far to the left, it made you all dirty.

There are times when they have a hypothesis that i don’t agree with very much (Like the kinect uncanny valley episode), and there are times when they don’t seem to understand what they’re saying. I’ll quickly address the politics episode, because i felt that i wanted to say something, regarding it.

For the most part, i think the episode on politics they made is very sleazy. It’s so liberal, it makes you want to puke. You know. Everything’s happy go lucky, and there’s no negative side on anything. I get that they allegedly wants to remain positive, and be constructive, but i think they should have pointed out the nasty sides of politics as well.
However.. I’m inclined to think that they may not want to be constructive, when i hear this in the middle of the episode: As a great canadian once explained it: “It’s lot like voting on Pizza toppings among your friends. If you  can’t be bothered to vote, don’t complain if you get stuck eating anjovis”.
Do you realize how alienating this is? You’re basically saying to a vast number of people, that they simply can’t complain. Cause you’re not going to bother with why they don’t vote. That’s pointless, right? This sort of mentality is utterly erroneous, because using it, you could say that the majority of people shouldn’t complain when a politican does something stupid, because you voted them in in the first place. You see how it doesn’t work? You see how the logic isn’t quite as simple and beautiful as you may think?
So yea. It’s alienating and flawed. You say it because you like hearing it come out of your mouth.

If you ask me, if you feel that you’re inadequate at making a decsission in regards to what you should vote for, don’t vote! It’s better if you take the time to hear everyone out, and damn it! Complain to your hearts content, if you feel like it! Because.. Maybe we could find some correlation between uninformed voters and mediocre politicans.. In fact..
So maybe it is the people who need to inform themselves more. Maybe the people who don’t vote are the smarter ones? I’m just channeling Bill here. Maybe?!
In all seriousness though! It’s better to stay at home and don’t vote than to make an ill informed vote.

But that’s that.. We obviously don’t agree politically, which may be a reason why i didn’t like that episode. But i do think i have some good points with what i said too.

Overall, i’d say, check them out! I come back to watch them from time to time. Because when they do talk about things more directly related to videogames, they’re really good.


3ds Update

Can’t wait until tomorrow! It said 2 to 5 days, right? So maybe…. But then again, it probably said 3 to 5. Aaah! I will get it this coming week though! Which is awesome! Oh, and yea! The 3ds large, or whatever it’s called. I’m with Shidoshi on this one. It looks ugly, and the things about it that are positive are negligible to me. Atop of that, it’ll also be more expensive. But yea! For those who want that, that’s awesome! Personally, i don’t care.


Penn’s sunday school, finally! And.. I don’t think i’ll get word about my 3ds, but…….. mmmaaaybeeee……. Probably not though! But one day closer! Which is awesome!
Other than that, i don’t have much else to do, really. Maybe talk a little more about getting a new place to stay, and see what measures i can take.

Today’s video/Image

An oldie, but a goodie, by dorkly:


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