Day 70: Emily Jillette is not like a creationist

I was crying in the middle of the day. Quite a bit too. I saw some images of my sister, with her friends. She was all dressed up, she has a boyfriend.. Everything seems to be going so well in her life.
So what did i do? I cried, because it dawned upon me that, perhaps i don’t have a life. I mean, when i do hang out with people, it’s my brother and his friends. I know that it’s up to me to make bonds with friends, and that i can’t really complain. But i guess it was a bit of an epiphany. Decided to remove my sister from my friends list on facebook though! I figured that, maybe it’s best if i keep away from things that make me feel bad. Like people talking about illnesses and stuff. I just don’t want that. My body doesn’t need it, my brain doesn’t need it (You know.. I have some issues with don’t and doesn’t in this case).
All in all, maybe deleting her will stir up some discussion later on. I mean, i’m clearly too much of a coward to engage my transsexuality in public anymore. Just because no one’s really encouraging me to be myself. I feel that i want to be, but as soon as i live here at home, that’s not going to happen.

So yea, i’m pretty depressed. I’d call it gender dysphoria and sadness combined with some other things… But you know.. Labels i probably don’t understand to begin with.
Had some issues sleeping last night too. Which kind of sucks, but i tried to keep my hopes up about it. I have an idea to do exercises that focuses on releasing stress. You know, just wiggle around and get warmed up. I know about some good exercises i learned once from a friend. Re-oxidase the muscles, and get relaxation from that. I think that could be a way out. We’ll see.

Had an argument about freedom with Emily Jillette.. This time, an actual argument, spanning a few hours. All on twitter, which kind of sucks. Hard to really get your point across there. I feel that i should be less open about what i’ve learned from it, and that there’s some nativity on my part (After all, i do know that i have a tendency to always want to be on someone’s good side). But i learned that i should think even more about not making it heated. I hate heating arguments up. It just gets confusing, and it’s not productive in the slightest. Then i learned that i should probably respect countries more, and think less globally. Because i did learn much earlier that you should respect people’s decissions to run the country the way they want.. I mean.. Who am i to tell someone that your way is wrong. Even if i can compare with the way my country is being run, and get good points out of that.. I still think that you should consider the country’s way of doing things. The people over there..

That being said, i remain unconvinced that her point of view is something to strive for. I mean, i get her point, that she wants freedom.. But i think you’re a bit too extreme. I mean.. Where do you draw the line, and how should it all work, when you don’t have a government? The government shouldn’t be allowed to do anything that is against your freedom, etc.. I guess you can’t expect someone to write down how it all should work on twitter though. But i think she summed it up best yesterday when she basically said that she doesn’t need a plan.. How can she expect anyone to jump on board the “no-government enforcement train”, when you have no idea where the rail even is.
But you know.. All in all, at least she can admit that maybe she’s wrong. Which i find to be very admirable. It’s a lot more than what you can say about creationists, who will say that just as a formality at best, and simply claim to be right about everything, at worst.
She may be a little too stuck up in her own view.. Although, i have to admit that i could be wrong on that. After all, i suppose you shouldn’t confuse passion with lunatic. Even if they go hand in hand a lot of the time.

Sunday tomorrow. I hate sundays! Keep in mind, that i don’t listen to Penn’s sunday school on sundays, but rather, on mondays when the recording’s up. So there’s very little to do on sundays. I want my 3DS and games, i want to know if i will get into the school i applied to, and i want some hope.. I want things to do.. It’s coming. Life will not always be this way.

Seems that i went over the 800 mark on this one. Had a lot to say. Not sure if it’ll offend someone. Probably will. People get offended at everything these days. Not that i mind. I’m not like one of those douches who will put “trigger warning” next to the title. Because.. Really.. You might as well do that on everything then!!
One last thing.. I saw that wordpress has a section where it shows popular tags. Might as well use that to see if any of them fit into what i have talked about here:!/read/topics/ Since

Couldn’t really think of a video to link this time. So here’s a response from Mario to PETA.


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  1. Emily Jillette (@EmilyJillette) says :

    This was nice to read. Thank you.

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