Day 68: HAFH2-4 – Libertarian

About that.. argument — if you will — with Emily Jillette (Penn Jillette’s wife). I told her i was for universal healthcare, she told me she’s against it. I’m for it because it helps the vast majority, it stops people from dying because they couldn’t afford healthcare and it keeps people from being in debt for the rest of their life, for something they have no control over (Accidents, decieses, etc). All we require to fix it, is to make a tax for it. A smaller tax, really. I mean, even someone with minimum wage in Sweden, could easily spare that money.
So that’s my view on it. Her view is that it infringes on her freedom. Freedom to not pay. She thinks it’s wrong for the government to take her money, without her consent, and that it limits freedom. She’s a lot about freedom, apparently. And people being in debt for the rest of their lives, is freedom? People being crippled by an injury they couldn’t afford to have fixed in time, is freedom? Personally, and maybe i am wrong here, i think people’s freedom to not be in debt for the rest of their lives and be crippled, far outweighs your freedom to not be forced to pay.

I have to say though. I am not sure if it’s worth really going any further in the discussion with her, because i don’t think that thinking it through is of any concern to her (” I don’t have all the answers. Don’t have to. Freedom can include things that don’t work.”). Basically saying that she don’t care, so long as we’re free to do whatever we want (Like Penn often says.. The nut point of view. If i have to say anything good though, at least she’s consistent in what she believes, and at least she’s clear on it. And that’s always something to respect, in my opinion).
I’ve found myself doing that quite a bit, where i just brush off people because i don’t think i can change their minds. But at least i can tell my point of view, which is all i really aim to do. I prefer to keep debates verbally. But you know, i should probably try to get better at that (Still haven’t read the comment on the vegan thing..)

Other than thinking of this most of the day. My teeth have been acting up quite a bit as of late. I need to get that checked. Listened to the 99th episode of “All gen gamers” podcast today. Been listening to them since day 1. So almost 100 now! Which is about 2 years of podcasting (Weekly podcast).

Apparently, my mom and my brother have been talking about my situation, and have decided that they should help me find my own apartment. Which is a huge thing for me! I love the idea. I need to apply for something called “sos” and i will get some money from the government by getting an apartment when you’re unemployed as well.. I’m not 100% how it all works, so i will be updating on this as it becomes more of a reality. But yea, maybe i’ll get to move!!

The 3ds situation is still on wait until tomorrow, when i should get an answer whether or not the money has been transferred…..
BREAKING!!: It appears as though Jenna HAS gotten the money.. Let’s see.. Yes! I have confirmed that the money is safe in the bag, and she’s now going to order it online! Fuck yeah!!

So next week, i will be the proud owner of my very own pink 3ds! Soo happy! Thanks again, Darrin!

Tomorrow, i should try to get my thoughts out on how i see the government, and where i would like it to go. You know, maybe give some insights on how i view countries, etc.. my politics.
I’ve also decided that i should probably do more editing on my posts, to get my thoughts out in a better way. But we’ll see when that happens. I’ll be going home tomorrow as well.. Kind of sucks to leave, but hey.. There’s always another day.

Later last night, a new “Meet the” episode came out:

I just love Valve and their humor! Anyway!! Off to the store to buy some stuff!!


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