Day 58: Can’t get enough of Penn Jillette

It’s been about 15 days now, i think, of exercising. I’ve taken the step where i stop eating snacks, sweets (Started that yesterday), i’ve done specific exercises for 14 days, and today.. i started something the doctor also recommended i’d do. Walk briskly and/or start jogging. So the first time on the track, so to speak. It’s actually a forest close to where i live, you can take a rout there. It’s fairly long. I think a little over a Swedish mile. I’m used to walking, so i was able to take a longer walk.
My feet felt pain from the walk, and i worked up quite the sweat. Was a pretty beautiful weather too. Saw two rabbits at the end of the rout.. You know.. I never really thought about how huge they are. But they were deathly afraid of me, so i was too late to get a picture. There was also a bunch of water in some places. You know. From the rainy weather, combined with people taking heavy vehicles into the forest. So i got a little wet.
Lastly, on my 200 word training section, i also upped the ante on my regular exercises. So now i have to do a few more. 6 more “Framåt stretching”, 5 more toe-ups and 5 more sit-ups.

So while out and about on my walk in the forest, i listened to Penn’s Sunday school. It’s my favorite podcast that only comes once a week (sadly). And.. It’s hard for me to really describe it, but i just love Penn. I love all the stories he has, i love how much he enjoys life, i agree on most of the things he believes in (Politically, religiously, etc), i love when he’s serious, i love when he’s goofy, i love the shows he puts out, i love his unique perspective on life. I just love him.
I will totally re-listen to all the Penn Radio podcasts he has. It’s been ages since i listened to them last (A little over a year and a few months), and i simply can not get enough of him. I’m sure there are a lot of them i have forgotten though. But yea, it is what i’ll do.

In case you’re interested, i highly recommend Penn’s Sunday school. Latest episode was about how James Randi shaped Penn into what he is today, TAM and squid sperm.. Which is another aspect of him i really like. It’s about the only show out there, where they can talk about how funny monkeys are, and have interviews with the likes of Richard Dawkins. Wonderful times to be had, for sure.

Other than that.. I had a strange night, where i woke up suddenly, feeling pretty anxious.. Well, it is what i told myself. I am prepared for the feelings that i will have! It is part of facing the fears and “evils” of getting a normal life again.
During the day, i played some Roller coaster tycoon again. Such a fun game. Didn’t think i would have the urge to play it today, but i did, and i had fun!  Then i played some call of duty with my little brother. It was fun, but i think the game is wearing thin on me now. I donno.. There’s just not much to it after a while, i feel. Oh well. Mindless fun, non the less. We should play border tomorrow. I had some mild feelings of discomfort due to my condition, but overall, it went good. Better than yesterday, when the discomfort was a little worse. But.. Like i’ve said.. It’ll get better.

Tomorrow.. I guess will be much of the same, minus the dog that came for a visit today.


My moms brother’s dog, Zorro.
Apparently, it was going to rain tomorrow, so we’ll see if it’ll be a walk in the forest, or if i’ll have to take my brisk walk elsewhere. Then i’ll start with Penn Radio again. A lot of stuff to listen to for the coming months. Awesome!

A pretty funny video with “Somegraybloke” i watched earlier:


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