Day 55: It’s easy doing things when you don’t think

Yet another chill day. Woke up, completed dungeon village, went to the store, chilled for a few more hours when i got home, and then played borderlands with my little brother. End of day.

So yes! Like i said. Got done with dungeon village today. What a great game. Sad that there wasn’t more to it, but  i got a good few days out of it. If you’re a fan of micro managing games with an RPG style to it, i highly recommend you check out dungeon village for the iOS, android and cellphones (For all you feature phone users out there). I was thinking about making a review out of it.. But i never did.
Right now, i’m playing angry birds seasons: Piglantis on the iOS, as well as wordfeud with my mom (Scrabble). Not playing any classic game on consoles/emulator yet, but going to jump into live-a-live for the SNES. And with my brother on the xbox 360, i’m playing borderlands. Actually started it today. I’ve played it before with my big brother. However, we stopped playing quite early for some reason. It’s a first person RPG in a sort of post-apocalyptic setting, with pretty good looking weapons. It’s stylized, so it never looks boring, unlike fallout 3. I will have a great time playing it.
Looking at it.. I sure am playing a lot of games now. It’s great!

I was litening to a great remake of a song called “Mabe village” today:

It got me thinking of the past. I used to play the game where this song is from, quite a lot. Link’s awakening.. One of my favorite Zelda games. And i thought to myself.. Damn, i just played it. No worries in the world. Oh, i’m done with it? Start a new file and play it again. Amazing how many stupid worries and stuff that i’ve hoisted on myself in my adult life. I mean. I sure got a lot done in the game by just doing, and not really thinking. I think it would be better if i just did, and stopped thinking. Thinking about what i should do has stopped me quite a bit, i feel. Like when i think of ideas of what to create. Like a program. I always come to a stop.. I even have ideas for a game  i want to make, but haven’t started because.. Well, no reason, really. Maybe it’s just that i’ve gotten a lot more jaded and cynical. Every time i read about what’s new in the world, it’s always something unbelievable. Something i simply can’t believe. Not sure if it was true, but i read this morning about some woman who thought that men should only be allowed to expel semen into a woman’s body. Otherwise, it should be illegal. Not sure if it was true though. Sounds like it isn’t. I know the opposite is. Let’s legislate what a woman can do to her own body, why not.. Ugh.. This world.
I sometimes think about what it would be like to just disconnect for a year. Go for a globe trot, or maybe just do a lot of hiking. Live in a cabin in the woods. Soul searching.. Whatever.. So long as i don’t have to subject myself to this madness. It gets a little hard to be a thinker, in a world full of doers.

Anyway.. Enough about that. Depressing stuff, completely outside of my control (Even though a lot of people will tell me that voting for representatives is ttly legit, yall!!1one).
Found a very bizarre, but very well written, and often funny webcomic today; called “Twisted speedo”. I recommend checking them out:

And i guess that’s about all i wanted to talk about. I still got a comment from one of mah tweeps, on the latest post, that i haven’t read yet. But i will in due time. Too much on my mind today, and too much else things i’ve been doing.

Don’t think i linked this one earlier, but here’s a pretty funny video of a girl getting dumped, live on radio:


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