Day 52: More women, please

I had some issues sleeping last night. Fell asleep around 6am-7am.. Consulted with mom earlier about it, and she thinks its underlying stress.. And yea.. I was programming for the entire day, so maybe it was related to “walking into the wall” and stress on that level? Subconscious stuff. So you know. That sucks. But i think it feels better now. Just did a little programming today. Maybe sat for a total of 2 hours or so. Tried to figure out why the same notifications would display more than once over and over.. And i just can’t figure it out. It’s as if the value i have to keep a check on it just resets itself. But it doesn’t.. Gah! Very confusing to say the least.

Anyway.. I had a fairly good day regardless. Had a lot of exercise and stuff. Feeling really sweaty now though. Which sucks. I should have showered today, but i never did. Bleh.. I did arrange some future stuff with my brother though. So we might do something this weekend, maybe.
Played some wordfued with mom today as well. We’ve been playing that a lot lately. It’s a lot of fun though. Although she totally stole a row i was gonna put, and got 130+ points from it. So i’m about 200 points away from her now.

Don’t really have much to talk about today. Been playing quite a bit of dungeon village. My town is lv 4 now. On year 9. Apparently, the game ends at year 18 or so. I love the different puns of the adventurers. Donkey Hotty, Seffi Roff, Clown Stripe, etc.. A lot of humor in it.

I was thinking of that atheist picture i showed a few days ago. And it occurred to me that the people who said that it lacked women are judging and viewing art through a very narrow lens. A lens where everything has to agree with their rigid standards. You know. Things can’t just be art, it has to be politically correct first. Meeting those requirements is more important than to express yourself through the medium. The artist obviously has a lot of love for the people in the picture, and he/she wanted to express it through art. And then you come around, telling him/her that “oh, you should have had this in the picture”. Yes.. I can look at artwork and think that it would have been cooler if something that i like was added to it, but i think i have yet to really type that out, or say it out loud. Because it’s silly, and it’s basically me saying that what the artist feels should cater more towards what i feel. Seems a little selfish when you look at it that way, don’t you think?
But oh well.. It’s not like anything i say can change the mind of someone in that mindset. I just wanted to bring it up again because i just hate people acting that way.

I think that’s about it. Tomorrow.. I’m not sure. I feel that i’m walking in limbo until i get an answer from the school. But i’ve already talked so much about those feelings. Maybe i’ll feel some amount of stress over working a little. But hey! At least it’s not over social interaction.

Saw this video yesterday:

I just love Gamester81.


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