Day 51: iOS6

I usually have a problem naming my entries.. Well.. At least until i’ve written down my thoughts. But this time, it was obvious that it had to be “iOS6”. More on that in a few though.

A week of training! Seven days! It’s one of the best things i’ve done in a long time. Having some daily stuff i have to do, that actually requires quite a lot of physical work. It’s a good thing to have, and again, i highly recommend anyone to start doing exercises on a regular basis.

Today’s been a fairly ok day. I’ve been feeling a little exhausted as of late. But it happens.. I feel that perhaps i should tone down a lot on the sweets and snacks. It’s been something i feel i should have done a long time ago, but it’s even harder doing that when i live at home, where an issue for me is, as the song goes, an excess of excess.

My little brother’s been trolling cheaters in call of duty all day today. He really loves doing it. And really, it’s pretty much an open thing with hackers/cheaters in games. Making them annoyed or whatever, while they’re cheating, is a-ok with me, and most of us. Sure, you could claim it’s a waste of time, but heck! He seemed to be enjoying himself.

I actually had to make a shorter list on what to write about on this post, because i have so many different thoughts on things right now.
Apple announced a bunch of apple stuff today at their developer conference today. Mountain lion looks really pretty, and it makes me want an apple laptop, almost. Especially now that there’s an echo system for notifications. A feature windows has ALWAYS lacked.. I mean.. The best we have is the tray and baloon popups. Sure, we could go to growl and integrate via that one, but i feel that growl lacks too many features, and is far from pretty. Maybe because making things pretty in windows is not a default, like xcode. Trust me.. I’ve dug around in the libraries. They’re well documented and all, but it certainly takes a lot more time to make something look pretty on it. But i digress…

iOS6.. Business men and women are going to love it. They certainly put a huge emphasis on that crowd. From a bunch of different siri upgrades which can display much more info now, to upgrades of the mail app. Heck! Everything got smaller updates. Sadly, none of it really captured me. iOS4 was awesome because you could have background and multitasking. Two huge things if you ask me. Then iOS5 with notification center. A bit of a game-changer that one. But iOS6 did nothing for me. The safari stuff, i’m still curious about though. They had finally activated the transfer API (Or whatever it’s called), so that you can upload things like pictures to files via the browser. But i do wonder about the webkitnotification API on it. I’m not keeping my hopes up though.
Accesability and moving away from google were two pretty major things too. I mean.. Siri has many more languages now, and google maps is no longer integrated into it. They have their own service now apparently. Now.. If they could only remove the damn youtube app.
I think that about covers the iOS stuff. I’m a huge freak when it comes to things like these. I just love new tech.

While the iOS live blogging was going on, i was scripting. For the first time in a long time, i was making scripts. I started the day with some simple youtube video thing (The one i mentioned i’d do yesterday), but scrapped it because i just didn’t see the point of it. I tried to justify it as a “fullscreen, everything you need videoplayer, or some shiz”, but i just gave up on the idea. I did, however, make a script that would notify you on new comments on any video you visit. It’s currently in its early stages. Still a lot of improvements to do on it. But i think it should be fun to keep developing on it. Right now, it does the very basics. Checks when new comments appear on a video (Only on the “All comments” page of a video right now) and pops up a simple notification for you. I’m using it right now actually, and it’s just fun! I don’t know if anyone else gets the same feeling from their creations, but i certainly love it. Small as it may be. You can find it here: Currently only works on chrome, although i should probably try to find alternate ways of displaying notifications on other browsers. I should also make a todo list on it. So i can keep my thoughts in check on it.

And those are some of the more major things of today. I wanted to make a note that i’m just loving Penn’s sunday school, and i almost feel like going back to penn radio again. Then i’m still having a lot of fun with Dungeon Village. My town is about to hit lv 3 now. I lack some income to meet the requirements to advance.
And lastly.. like i mentioned yesterday. I was feeling pretty old when i thought about that it was about 7 years ago since i turned 18.. And since then, all i’ve done is that i have failed a school due to… Too many factors and a long long story about a lover. I have decided that i will make a video about it sometime when i move out. Like i said earlier.. But yea. I failed school, and… Been at home for most of that time. Damn, no wonder i’ve been feeling so mentally unstable. But it has taught me quite a bit though, and i feel that this experience will aid me in my life. To have been down and out. It’s given me a lot of time to think.. But yea.. I’ve rambled long enough! This post is over 1000 words now. Fuck!! I feel like i should include some pictures in the middle. Why not.

Kind of a random video this time:

I feel that i have snapped up a little from this guy though. He’s very talented. Anyway!!!! That is it! I’m done. If you read all this, you’re awesome!


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