Day 50: I’m not that smart

Like i said i would.. 5 and 6 done! Of the training! One time this morning and a few minutes ago. Feels great. No more procrastinating or bad planning now though! Tomorrow will be one week since i started it. I should find some better way to keep track of how many times i’ve done it though. Because i always go back on the blog to check! Haha.

Anyway.. Where to start.. I haven’t done much today. Cleaned my room, did some chores. And that’s about it in terms of the real world.
I played a bunch of dungeon village this morning, and i just looove it so far. My town is lv 2 out of 5 right now. Will write my final thoughts on it as soon as i’m done with it. Feels like i game you’d want to play more than once too. So that’s always great.

I was chatting with someone on twitter about responsibility, and i realized that i was in the wrong. She convinced me that she was right. I’m not going to go into specifics. It’s all on my twitter in case anyone’s curious. LittleJennaIsMe. It wasn’t mean spirited or anything. Just a shorter conversation about it. I honestly hadn’t really thought about the issue before. But i feel a little ashamed that i didn’t think it through before opening my damn mouth. It’s that sort of rashness that i have to get rid of. I don’t like it when i do it. When i do, i am by default, a person i feel that i don’t want to be. That is how i view this flaw of mine at least.
It also got me down closer to earth.. Because it made me truly think that “Yes, i am not all that smart”. And yea. It is possible that all i think is wrong. Maybe it’s like that Weird Al

I guess how i should explain it is that it was humbling. Because another flaw i know i have is that i can get too carried away with myself… Again… If i just think things through more…
She’s a very smart woman who i have followed for a long time now. Knows a lot about politics, human relations, philosophy and other such things. My knowledge of most things i ever talk about is purely layman knowledge of a autodidact.

Except.. Programming! Therein lies my expertise. Whether i like it or not. I did some scripting today on youtube. I was thinking of making something proper, that could open videos much faster, and in a manner which i prefer. I’ll show you what i mean as soon as it’s done. Shouldn’t take too long. I made some good functions like that on an earlier script i made for youtube, but decided to just re-write it. Old code is something i just can’t stand.

I was thinking earlier that my next game should be live-a-live. Why not. I’ve seen one single screenshot of it, know next to nothing about it, and lot of the stars are aligned for it to be a wonderful experience. I’m hoping that it’ll be at least somewhat akin to my experience with Chrono trigger, of which i knew even less about going into it initially. But yea. That’ll be good.
Then i should also get back to reading. But i almost feel like my days aren’t long enough. I value spending time with people much more now. Which is understandable, considering where i put myself earlier due to neglecting my own life, and everyone around me. I never want to travel that road again..

Hey, i guess my day wasn’t all that bad. I was feeling like taking the bike and go to a nearby lake on the other side of a mountain… But since i still have some coughs and still isn’t feeling the best i can, i figured i shouldn’t make it worse. So i guess i have to let it wait for the later part of this coming week.

Tomorrow… I should get some job applying stuff done. Still in a “I hope i got in” mood, so i’m kind of in a suspension on the job searching at the moment. At least mentally. I sure as heck hope i’ll get into school. What else is going on tomorrow? Nothing much, really. Just another lazy summer day, i suppose. Oh yea.. I should probably write a little about my younger years compared to my current years tomorrow. Because i had a very strange feeling when i thought about how long ago it was since i turned 18 today. But that’s for tomorrow. I’m already up at around 800 words now. Which is a very long post for me.

Saw this fun little fan video of Majora’s mask today too. Great one!


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