Day 49: Live-a-live and an awesome night

It is currently 30 minutes or so after midnight right now. Just got home from my brother’s place after an awesome night.

I started the day with completing Mario & Luigi. All i can say is that i’ll miss that game. So much fun. So much humor.. Fun gameplay. If you’re looking for a new game to play, i highly recommend Mario & Luigi: Super star saga. Now… I should probably look into the second and third one for the DS. Never played them for some reason. But yes! Bye bye, bean bean kingdom!!

Then i tried out a game for iOS called “Dungeon village”. I think i’ll be playing that for a while actually. You know how in RPG games, you always have the towns you go to to restock, fill up, restore, heal and all that? Well, in this game, you’re in charge of that town. I’ve only just started, so i’m not too sure how it all works yet, but i can say that i’m having a lot of fun. I’ll write more on it later. It’s a game by the same developers as game dev story and spa story, i believe.

Something i should have thought of before going to my brother, is to work out. I should have done that. Because now i feel it’s a bit too late to be standing in the room, doing that. But i’ve decided that i will be doing it first thing in the morning, and later tomorrow. I know it’s a little cheating, but i’ll have to blame bad timing on this one… on my part…. So i’m blaming myself… For something i should have done for myself. But yea! I won’t feel too bad about it.

Anyway! We had a fantastic time at my brother’s place. He invited three of his friends over. Two of which arrived a little earlier than one of them. I’ve known them all for quite some time myself too, but we don’t really hang out. I just know that i love spending time with all of them. But yea.. We played some “Jamestown”, a 4 player shoot em up game

Needless to say, it’s fun as hell! Bullet-hell, that is!! But then we talked a bit and watched youtube videos. Which is basically all we did for most of the day/night. Oh yea! My brother got a LP player, so we were playing some authentic old stuff on there too. Some late 50s, early 60s jazz for the most part. Fantastic stuff for sure.
We talked a little about RPGs due to the iOS game i’m playing. So we got tracked on an RPG talk for a little while. While we were talking about that, a very obscure game for the SNES was mentioned. A game called “Live a live” was mentioned. Apparently, it has a very unique setup in the way the story unfolds; it was made by squaresoft, no less; it has an English fan translation, so it was only released in Japan.. and i have never heard anyone say anything about it before. It’s one of the most obscure things i’ve ever heard about. Mostly because it was made by such a huge and well known company. I’m totally gonna have to check it out.

So yes! Totally wanna do that again! I haven’t even begun to go into everything we talked about, and i feel we hardly talked at all, even though we sat there for hours upon hours. I mean, we went into a little on religion and stuff, and had so much fun with random standup commedians, ego raptor, regular ordinary swedish mealtime and what not. Ah.. But anyway! I could go on about how awesome it was!
First thing tomorrow, i’ll be doing my exercises, and i will be doing them later tomorrow as well. Oh yea! And some cleaning of the room would be nice too. Quite so! Yes..
I’m slightly drunk..

Because i can’t think of anything i’d like to show at the moment, here’s a cool little Tyson bit on PBS:


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