Day 46: Xu is not an English word

Been an unproductive day today. Nothing was done. I talked with my mom about stuff, and i mentioned being without work for so long, and we talked a little about the school i’m expecting news from in a month or two from now. I hope so much that i will get in. I have really high hopes, and i have yet to be rejected from any school. But the other times, i had financial issues to worry about. Not this time. If i get in, i’m set! I’ll get a new life, basically! That’s how i view it, at least. But that’s only if i get a yes. There’s always the chance of them saying no, and.. That would make me really depressed.
But i really don’t know. We’ll have to see. All i know is that my grades are above average, and that it will be of help in this case.

I played some wordfeud (Scrabbles, basically) earlier today, and damn! Xu is a fucking word. What does it mean? Oh, you don’t know? Well, i did use the American English dictionary in the settings. So it was a US dictionary that i was using. Well.. According to google (Who reference external dictionaries), it’s a abbreviation of a tier of currency used in Vietnam.. 1xu is worth a certain amount of dongs… It suuuure is.
Fuck you, wordfeud. As soon as i figured out that they basically singled out that word just to make more use of the X, i suspended all my English matches. I checked if the Swedish “kr” was accepted, because 1kr is worth 100 öre. But nope! On top of that, when you find that “ok” isn’t accepted, you just.. Loose all faith in them. So i don’t know how much i’ll play it. I’ll try the Swedish one a little more, and probably just play it with mom and other people i know. But that’s it. Maybe the Swedish one will prove to be utter bullshit too. I know it didn’t accept “edo”, which is the name of a period in Japan, i think.. But i digress! That one’s my own ignorance, i’ll admit!

A note i feel like i should make on all of this, is that it could just be my massive ego who needs to make excuses why she lost so much. Maybe i’m just that lost in myself. I wouldn’t know, personally. I mean.. I do know that the game isn’t so much about what words you use, but rather, how and where you place them…

So.. After that rant.. Saw a really cool game today called “Watch dogs” (Video at end of post). Sat in my brother’s place with him, watching the E3 trailer.
First thought.. FINALLY A NEW IP! Something new coming from the AAA studios. Finally! The game looks fantastic too. I’ll admit. The trailer has me excited. Will totally follow the news on this one.

My brother and i also talked a little about some racist saying that “The immigrants are taking our jobs”. It was a response they had when it was reported that Greeks were fleeing their country to start a new life in Sweden. We did some quick observations about their statement, and realized that.. No.. Not really. I mean, if we look around us, we can see that there’s hardly a single immigrant working around. In stores and everything. So few get jobs, apparently. Which i think is a shame. I think everyone should be able to get a job.
If only it wasn’t even a fucking issue. But no.. I have to live in the time when humanity had to screw that specific thing up! But now i’m just complaining!!

I guess that about does it. Tomorrow.. I should call someplace. I’ve been reluctant to do so because of my right ear. Something inside of it.. Wax.. You know how it is, after you’ve had a fever. Can hardly hear a thing in it now.
Then i will also apply for another job. Once again. Will probably venture through the oho ocean in Mario And Luigi. Having a lot of fun on there. Today’s the 3rd day of training! Those trainings are pretty rough too. Gonna do the one for today after this post. I should probably put it earlier in the day though.


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