Day 44: First day of training

Today, i’ve been looking at google maps a lot. Found some interesting stuff. Like the country inside of south Africa… Can’t remember the name now, but it had the highest rape rate of any country on earth according to UN. Which… Sources may be debatable, but a lot of people are raped there, it seemed. A more light note on that country was that, it was interesting to learn that due to the high altitudes, they actually got snow there.
Then i found some islands in the middle of the ocean called “Heard island & McDonald island”.. It’s a deserted antarctic island with a volcano called “Big ben”, owned by Australia since 1960ish. Very funny to find that.

Aside from looking at google maps for places, i’ve been to my brother for a little while. Watched some videos and talked a little (Some about a documentery he saw about torture. Disgusting and it doesn’t work, seemed to be the name of the game. And yea, i am unconvinced that it works from earlier). I went mainly to get exercise (Like the doctor told me. Brisk walks). I’m still not 100%, of course, so i couldn’t walk too briskly. On the way home, i found some bird just standing in the middle of an off-beat path i choose to take. I stopped when i was right beside it, and it didn’t fly away. Pretty random, and cute. It did eventually fly off when i took a small step towards it though.

Earlier, i got into a mini argument on twitter with a Creationist. Yes! I found out he didn’t know what evolution even was (He thought it explained the physical world). He denied my accusations. Flat out ignored my proof of him not understanding it. After which, i just told him to read up on it and then we’ll talk. The final thing he told me was that i didn’t understand his position, and that “evos like me”.. Something, something. It ended in irony, in other words.
You can go on my twitter page to see it for yourself, if you’d feel so inclined, but that’s the short version. He tried the standards: Science lingo, “big words”, over-complication, etc. Just pathetic. But what can you do? Hehe!

Just got done doing the training the doctor told me to do too. Three different exercise. Toe-ups (Ionno the actual english names of these), sit-ups and out-stepping. Feeling a bit achy a little here and there now… Which means it worked. So it feels great to have finally started it.
I’ll do the recommended amount he started off with, but will, as he told me to, increase the amount as time goes on. That is how training works after all.

And finally, i applied for a job as a telephone person in Norway. It seemed pretty cool, and i think i might have some chances with it.

That’s that. Tomorrow, at 6pm, i’m going down to my brother to watch the Nintendo press conference at E3. It’ll be a lot of fun! Saw the microsoft one today, and was underwhelmed. It was better than last time when they got a circus show, though.

I haven’t watched it yet, but i decided to look up a video, showcasing all the minigames in Pokémon stadium 1:

I used to play that game quite a bit, and we had a lot of fun with the minigames. So it’ll be a nostalgia trip for me. (:


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