Day 39: Scumbag yolo; is yolo

I’ve been very memeie lately. Making a lot of memes. It’s fun sitting with my little brother, playing modern warfare, and just make stupid memes. Especially about yolo! You know.. “You only live once”. One of the stupidest things i have ever heard. But it’s so much fun to joke about.
“Bad luck Zombie; Yolo”. “Scumbag yolo; is yolo”. “Good guy yolo; takes the hit”. A lot of really stupid memes that make no sense for the most part. A lot of braindead fun as of late. Which is something i’ve missed. I used to have that back in the day when i hung out with my young cousin. We played golden eye/perfect dark (Usually 3 to 4 players) and just had fun. Pure fun! Nothing but entertainment. Appeal to the most primitive part of my brain. Maybe i’ve felt so bad earlier, mostly because it hasn’t been stimulated for ages. Obviously, i still have my issues, but i think i’ve deserved this, and most of all, needed it.

Around the end of our video gaming session, my other little brother came in and told me about some guy who got sued for 5,000,000 SEK cause of 30 illegally downloaded songs. Needless to say, the guy was ruined, and can no longer live a normal life. So we ranted a little about how Hollywood sucks, and how all this fucking corruption, lobbying and what not, is ruining everything. What i’m the most angry about is the greed and the stupidity. It’s always A = B with big corporations, it seems. And money is always such a big deal to them. Just makes me angry. I said that.. Yes, it is looking dark now, but i can imagine the people of the past, who had the whole racist America thing going on, the red scare and all that bullshit; were feeling very hopeless too. If things continue to go that way they are now, new york will become city 17, and the entire US will become a slave country. But that’s if things go the way they are now. Which almost never happens. You never know what tomorrow will bring, so to speak.

But anyway! That’s enough about that. The other things i’ve done today. I checked out the notifications API for webkit HTML5 today. I got into a programming mood. Played around a little with it, and i hope i will get enough passion tomorrow to make something out of it. Some web based program, i’m hoping. But we’ll see.
Then i’m also getting sick. At the moment, my throat is feeling red, and i feel that i’m coming down with something. Kind of sucks.. But oh well. YOLO! xD!!!

I didn’t call a single person today, so nothing on the intern/job front for me today. And i guess that’s about it. Fun day today. Two more days until the doctors appointment. It will apparently be a rainy day. It’s been a little cold as of late too. Oh, and i took some panorama on my camera earlier. Haven’t compiled it yet, but will do so tomorrow.. Along with work on that pic i’m making. Decided to just make it one, and not two. Because one of the people i promised to, can go fuck himself. Fucking homophobe, is what he is.

Boogie2988 made a video i thought was relevant to my current life situation earlier:

I thanked him for it, because it felt great hearing that someone else is going through the same thing.


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