Day 29: Practically & theoretically postponed

It’s been about a month of blogging already. That’s crazy! To think that about a month ago, i fealt completly hopeless about everything. And now, i’m having a meeting (Hopefully the last one — regarding whether or not i get internship there or not — with this particular company) with a company, and a date to go see the doctor about my leg.
That being said, i ahve to say that i am feeling a bit bad today. Not too bad, i suppose, but still. A little stress over tomorrow’s meeting, and some back and leg pains. Nothing too major, just a little annoying.

On tuesday, i’ll be going to my brother’s place to stay with him for a few days. From tuesday to friday. So that’ll be great. Some change of scenery and pace. We could play some games and stuff. I think it’ll be fun, and ultimately, good for me. Even if i feel a bit sucky cause of my current condition. Being more social is a good thing, Jenna. Note to self.

It does make me think about gender too. The feeling i have is a bit complicated to get down most of the time. But i will do my best when i feel that i can explain it better. Which i have been able to in the past. But from what i can gather, it’s gender dysphoria. I wish i was a woman. I will, in due time. Things will get better on that front too.

I made some smaller changes to my life blog page too. So now it’s showing some RSS from my youtube favorites and my tweets. That’s basically it. Then i did the usual. Some bike rides, walks.. Played some golden sun too. Finally got the western sea. Got about three major dungeons left in the game. Two of them are freaking awesome, and one’s kind of annoying. There are only two dungeons in it that i find a little confusing. Two that i can’t seem to remember very well. Reading the dialog of the NPCs is just awesome though. The writing in the game is pretty good considering what it is (A very by the book JRPG for the most part). I get some chuckles and laughter, and even some “hum..”. Almost done now though. Gonna do some alternative bosses too.

Been trying to cheer up my mom a little too. She’s been pretty low as of late. Cause her back started aching a lot again. She’s been having a lot of issues with it in the past. A lot of permanent damage due to a birth defect where two of her disks in the spine were grown fused together. Can’t be easy for her..

But anyway.. Overall, it’s been a pretty vanilla sunday. No somberness, sadness, and not too much stress or anything. Tomorrow, i’ll be going down to talk about internship, and i’ll listen to penn’s sunday school. I never ended up drawing mohamed. I might do it later though. As a “late day” thing. I mostly didn’t do it because i can’t be bothered to plug in my big PC. Too lazy.

Saw this video with John Cleese:

A funny video where he totally disses America’s favorite sport. Totally funny, and he has a good point.


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