Day 25: Almost forgot and golden sun fanaticism

Been a lazy day. Played golden sun 2 for the most part of today. Completed the first one and jumped straight into the second one. You know.. Unless i take years before playing the games again, i should probably jump into the second one and skip the first next time. Mostly because the second one is just more fun. It’s a better game in my opinion. Even though the first is basically just the first half of the second game. First, second, first, second.. I could probably have condensed that paragraph down by a lot. But i didn’t, and here i am, extending it! Hah!!

But yea. So lazy of a day, that i almost forgot that i hadn’t written a post today. Which kind of makes me think of when i’ll stop updating this daily. Don’t get me wrong, i’ll probably do it daily for a year or two, but as soon as my life is back on track fully, i become a better & a different person, and i have many other things to think about, i might just make it a more normal blog, i guess. But we’ll see. Right now, i quite enjoy sharing my thoughts and feelings on here. Even if it’s just me splurting it out into the void.

I’ve been meaning to tell you about my dreams as of late. All of them have involved dressing up. A nice wedding dress and a weird hillside adventure and another dream with me just wearing a nice gray nightgown. Oh, and one involving me going down to a second hand shop not too far away from here, looking at clothes. Pleasant dreams, all around.

Other than playing golden sun 1,2.. Been outside.. took the bike to town and back just to get some exercise. I might be getting something though. For real. Might be coming down with a cold. Same goes for my mom. She actually woke me up with all the coughing she did last night. But i fell asleep around 30 minutes after. My whole body was feeling very.. Well, let’s just say that it felt like someone stabbing me with needles everywhere, including my eye sockets.

Overall. I’m mostly just waiting until monday and 1st of june. A lot of waiting to be had. Feeling strong with my will to get better. Which is good, because it used to be me just wanting to give up and ignore my problems for as long as i could.. And we all know where that attitude lead me.
Pretty long blog post, considering it’s been quite a lazy day. Playing golden sun on lazy days is the best though. So many calm tunes and visuals. I recommend checking out the series if you’re into JRPGs.

Been playing this game a little too: If you’re into typing games.

Not sure if i’ve linked this animation before, but it’s really great, and i want to share:


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