Day 17: Milk, mountains and videogames (MMV??)

Today’s been pretty slow. I’m getting better and better, although my back has been feeling pretty bad today too. But not as bad as yesterday, and overall, like i said, it’s getting better.

So.. I started the day with taking the bike to the employment offices like i said i would. Got four papers on places i can get internships at. All unlisted, and all local, with none to little experience requirement. So i’m feeling very optimistic towards calling the places tomorrow. Holding my thumbs on those. Getting a place to work for a while (Basically free labor or not) would feel great. I think 3 of them were outside jobs too. Which should be pretty great. Working in the hot summer sun.. Not that i mind. I need to sweat more!

Anyway. After leaving the employment offices (I hate writing that word. Such an inconvenient thing to write), i took my bike to a store that’s kind of far away from where i live, but close to the mountain i was going to. And so i did, after getting some milk. Maybe a stupid thing to do, but i knew that all i would want to do after climbing the mountain was to go home, so i did the shop stop before going to the mountain.
It felt a little heavy to bike such a long distance with my hurting back though. So in the end, i only managed to get ½ up the mountain. No worries though. It was still worth it. Feels pretty great having worked out actually. Even though having the milk leak — only to burst half way home, so i had to throw them away to buy new ones — was a bit annoying.

After i got home, i declared that i would call those four places tomorrow (And i will), and i have basically been taking it easy for the rest of the day. Feels pretty great feeling less stress..
Oh, i guess i should also mention t hat my brother visited for an hour or so, and talked about how he’s getting diablo 3 as soon as it comes out, and that he will buy me a copy so we can play. Him, a friend of his, and me. So.. If that doesn’t fall through, i might just get to play some and be social at the same time. So that’s pretty great.
Speaking of social, i also had a pretty great time tweeting with Vonnie and Simon last night too. 

Lastly, i guess i should mention that i started a new appendix blog to this one, called “Jenappendices”. Right now, the design is default, and i only have one post there. But i have more and more ideas on how i want to redesign all of my sites and stuff to make them unified. Complete with widgets, links and everything. It’ll be great. But that won’t happen in quite a while.
Here’s the post i made there though:
It contains my videogame collection. The few games i own. So maybe that’s something to check out.


And that’s about it actually. I feel like i’ll be able to fall asleep fairly well tonight. It’ll also feel very great to call those places tomorrow. So not feeling very worried at all. Which is fantastic! Still a little stressed.. But yea.. Did i mention that i feel less stressed now? And that it feels great?

I’ll leave you with this important message:


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One response to “Day 17: Milk, mountains and videogames (MMV??)”

  1. Dan says :

    Pretty sweet gameboy collection. lol

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