Day 15: God & comfort

Just got done drinking some “hot” (Lukewarm) coco. Sat on twitter for a bit, talked about god ‘n’ stuff. A pretty interesting thought went through my head, about belief and comfort. I am currently going through a very depressing time, and i think a lot about the future. I have no friends i feel i can really turn to in that way.. You know, when you need a shoulder to cry on. Only a few in my family, i feel i can do that on. Which is still good, and i’m happy to have such a great family. Most people don’t get to be in my position.
That being said.. I feel that i should become more open, and invite myself to others. To want to be social with people. It’s not that i have issues befriending people, or that i don’t like talking about stuff with them. But i have for the longest time relegated myself to a place of loneliness, which ultimatly has lead me to the place where i am right now. Depression, sadness and stress. A rough time to say the least.

But do i need to believe in some invisible force in nature to drag myself out of this? No, i don’t. I think doing that is a weaklings out of it. And i mean that in the sense that, if you do that instead of going to other people, you effectively chose to shut yourself out from the love of other people. I doubt very strongly that you can feel the love i can, if you’re someone who insist that you get love from a man in the sky. So you’re a weakling for shutting them off. But that’s just my opinion.

I could go on, but i think that’s the core of what i want to say on the subject at the moment.
I will aim to get more friends. People i can laugh and cry with. And i will. I feel like i have, at some point a few days ago, come out of an intervention, and am now reinventing my whole life. And i think the worst is over. Now i just have some stress i need to get through, and i should be fine. Like the song goes.. “I’ll get by with a little help of my friends”.

Anyhow! Dang, i rambled quite a bit about that. Felt pretty gewd though.. Been a fairly standard sunday, all things considered. No one’s doing anything, as per usual. Decided to have a walk, and it ended up much longer than i would have hoped. I must have been walking for 2 hours or more. Took some pics i wanna share though. Uploading them to dropbox now. It’s how i transfer files from my ipod.. For the most part, at least.

ImageI’ve walked that road plenty of time, but just now noticed that wagon there. I think they must have cut down some tress around it. Not sure how long it must have been there. Seems pretty old.

ImageI guess this must be someone’s private go-kart course? I always thought it was a parking, but the tires seems to say otherwise. A rich person must live here though.

ImageGraves like these are very common across the whole place. I know the location of maybe 4 or more. Most of them date back longer than the age of the US.

Anyway. I feel fairly up and down at the moment. Kind of up right now. Sister just came for a visit, so i’ll say hi to her. Pretty dang tired after that long walk though. So i think it’s time to wrap this up.

I’ll leave you with Thor breaking some uncomfortable news. Gotta see the avengers soon.


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