Day 14: Criticism and some w(h)ine

My whole body feels pretty dang tired right now. That means i’ll fall asleep easily, right? NOPE! Chuck testa.. But really though. My brain won’t let me fall asleep. It will tell me “Oh, can you feel your body being all tired?!? Must be something wrong with you *Troll face*”. Is what i suspect will happen.

Anyway.. I’ve been out walking quite a bit today, because it helps against stress to be outside, and away from the computer. Then i’ve been more social, like i said i would. I might sleep over at my brother’s place sometime next week, so that’s always good.

Been talking quite a bit to my mom and my brother about the stress too. All i can say is that i’m happy to have such a great family. Very supportive. And yes.. Things will get better. Feels much better talking about it. Writing about it feels pretty good too. So it’s always good to have this blog too.

So on a less serious note.. I pointed out to someone yesterday that they had gotten a fact wrong, in a game he was playing. Now.. I was expecting either him ignoring it (Like every other single person on the internet) or maybe write “Yes, i guess i was”. But instead, he goes on all defense, blocks me and writes to me that i’m obnoxious, “who cares” and all that other typical stuff that someone who can’t take criticism would say. And i was subscribed to this person too.. Not that i feel many emotions towards it at all, i’m just a little disappointed. If you’re someone who creates stuff, or puts yourself out there for all to see, you’d better expect people to correct you, criticize you and what not. Otherwise, i don’t think you have much to do on here.
I’ve been lucky enough to only have Rebecca Watson tell me that i’m “semi intellectual” as the only critique. But that was a response to a critique i gave to her, telling her that she can’t talk rationally about any subject involving genders, and that she overreacts to everything involving genders. She’s just irrational when it comes to that (Which is all true, by the way). But when she said that to me.. Fine.. I can always rebut that with “I’m Swedish, so my grammar and spelling might not always be the best”, but whatever. I can take that. I’m not the smartest person ever. It’s a heck of a lot more mild than what i threw at her too. But i digress..

So i wrote back to the guy via PM (Because now i’m blocked, so i can’t comment on the video anymore. But apparently, i can PM) and told him that blocking me just proved my point further, that he really can’t take criticism. haven’t gotten an answer yet though. If i get one, i expect it will be very emotional and whiny though. Sad to say. Not everyone can be mature about things.

That’s that, i guess. Pretty vanially day overall. Had a cousin’s dog over this morning. Baby sat it, so to speak. It’s very cute! Her name is zipper! ^w^

A lot of ELO lately.. So i guess i’ll link another one of their songs. Ionno.. I feel like i should at least try to reward people for checking out my blog, and it is fun to add what you’re currently listening to and stuff too. So it’s all good.

Now i’m going to chill out with some wine and some videos. See if i can get relaxed enough to fall asleep. Might work more on the picture tomorrow. Drew some random sketch earlier, that i didn’t save.. But now i’m just rambling (As if everything else wasn’t rambling).


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