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The Grudge Files: Ben Shapiro

This is a neat little collection of some objectionable things that Ben Shapiro has said.

Ben Shapiro doesn’t know the Constitution of the United States, yet he talks about it authoritatively.

Which part of the Constitution allows you to seize and redistribute

Motivation: He talks about “in the name of your utopian vision here”, which some apologetic fans could see as an out for him (Not trying to make a straw-man here; just preemptively addressing some more pedantic arguments i can think of), but i think the larger argument that Ben is putting forth is about the common conservative talking-point that “Taxation is theft”. Which it very may well be, but that doesn’t change the fact that the US has in its constitution that congress can actually make people pay their taxes.

“The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States”

~Article 1 section 8 of the United States Constitution.

The part where you seize is the taxes and the part where you redistribute is in the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States. It’s clearly a very Democratic Socialistic passage of the constitution, but it’s there, clear as day; supporting Bernie, full stop.

Ben is wrong about this, and it’s really quite embarrassing that he would even ask this rhetorical question without having looked it up first. I guess if he retracted it or took the tweet down, that’s forgivable, but as far as i can tell, there’s no retraction from him. He really doesn’t seem all that worried that this is out there for all to see.

Ben Shapiro and the constitution

The Israel v Palestine Conflict is not a Difficult Issue

Motivation: I looked up if i could see a broader context to this quote, but i honestly do think that Ben believes this. It’s pretty strange that he would say this and expect anyone to take his opinions on geopolitics seriously ever again. Here’s the quote

Israelis like to build. Arabs like to bomb crap and live in open sewage. This is not a difficult issue.

~Ben Shapiro

Jesus is he dumb

More to come…

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert on anything, so I’m always looking for anyone who wants to expand or contradict what i said. Why am i wrong? Am i missing something?

Cultural Appropriation and its damage

Cultural Appropriation is, for those who do not know, the act of taking a part of any minority group’s culture. It’s usually white people who get accused the most, seeing as white people are a majority in the west. So If white people try to sell Mexican food that’s cultural appropriation. If a white person dresses in a sombrero, again, that is considered cultural appropriation.

Even if it is fiction

What damage has cultural appropriation caused? Well, it’s closed down several businesses, made several people annoyed and it has made more people intolerant both on the right and the left! The whole concept as a whole, is in it of itself, a uniquely American thing. Hear me out.

There’s a stereotype about Americans that they’re spoiled and that they want everything they see, and that they’re so entitled that they try to speak for everyone. I’ve only seen this sort of behavior on this large a scale in one country. The US. And where did the concept of cultural appropriation come from? The US.

I’m a Swede, which means that my culture is vikings, meatballs, Swedish traditional garb and so on. You don’t see me complaining about the show Vikings. (Swedes are not a majority in the US, after all)

Or when Japanese people dress up in our traditional garb and celebrate Midsommar in a place called Sweden Hill. (Swedes are not a majority in Japan, after all)

Or when the American show, The Muppets make fun of Swedes with the Swedish Chef.

It would be ridiculous if i got mad at any of this. In fact, the only appropriate response is a smile. I fucking love it! And guess what? The rest of the world enjoys it when their culture is featured in any way shape or form as well. And we don’t need a bunch of Americans who has ancestry in other countries, speaking for those countries. The fact that you speak for other countries that you don’t know the first thing about is what makes you American. The fact that you try to stop people from expressing themselves with other cultures ideas is what makes you American! You are an American, not Japanese, not a Swede, not a Russian, not an African, not a Latina; American!

No one owns a trademark on a culture, in fact, cultures are an amalgam of lots of different cultures and countries. Even just the food of all the different countries don’t have their genesis in each respective country. Minute Earth lays it down so that anyone can understand just how small the world really is and just how much we borrow from each other.
Like, in Sweden, it is the culture to celebrate Christmas (Which is in it of itself an amalgam of many different cultures) by watching a Disney special that airs every Christmas. That’s not of Swedish origin. Of course it isn’t! That’s American as shit!

So am i appropriating American culture? And are Americans appropriating my culture? No! You’re just doing what cultures have always done! Intermix. See you on the flipside!

Blaire White and the Abyss.

This is quick response to Blaire White’s latest video:
There’s no cure for gender dysphoria, and the reason is political correctness, yet the experts in the field, according to yourself, classifies it as a mental disorder, even though the politically correct crowd thinks that is a very offensive term. It doesn’t seem like the experts are really held back by the PC crowd.
I don’t agree that it’s political correctness holding it back. From what i know about the issue, finding a cure would be about as fruitful as finding one for autism. It’s so much more complicated than a mental disorder. It’s more like the wrong brain in the wrong body. So which one does it make more sense to change: The brain or the body? As you’re probably aware, it works pretty well to change the body, and is way easier to do. So why not just stick to that? Instead of dreaming of some magic pill or brain surgery that will somehow change your entire gender identity without changing some other major key factors in your personality as well! Or make you into a Zombie, like that one study that “cured” a crossdresser of wanting to be the other sex. (Look it up). That’s where that rabbit has lead us.
Your conclusion that it’s political correctness is just you seeing the PC police in everything, in my assessment. And that’s coming from someone who is at least as anti-feminist as you. I just think you need to know your confirmation biases. Lest you want to become what you revile.

I like your videos, but this really isn’t one of your best. Cheers!

The road most commonly traveled

For a number of years now, i’ve felt less and less inclined to change genders. I don’t know when i decided to put this little deadline on myself, but i decided that this year’s Autumn was the deadline for my decision. The deadline for when i’ve got to take the road most commonly traveled. The deadline for when i have to move on.

I’m not trans! I’m someone who doesn’t really care about gender identity. Not in myself; not in others (On account on me being a bisexual). Now, i could be one of those who feel like this needs a label, but i’d rather just let people perceive me as they wish, because to me, it doesn’t matter. And since it doesn’t matter, why put a label on it? Why should i be concerned about that?

Sex is a binary. You either have a dick or a vagina. But gender is a matter of many things. We’re all on different levels of masculinity and femininity, so it becomes a gradient. A gradient where you don’t mind appearing as a manly viking, but also don’t mind appearing as a girly girl.

I guess what i’m trying to say is that it doesn’t matter to me, so therefor, i’ll just default to the one i have now, so i don’t have to mess around with the many hardships that HRT, speech therapy and SRS brings. And it feels liberating to write this down. I used to think that my anxiety was linked to gender dysphoria, yet i’ve gone around presenting male all this time, and the anxiety has gone down! Of course, that could be a hidden statistic for all i know. Far be it from me to speak authoritatively on psychology and neurology. So like with everything in my life, i have doubts. I always doubt. But that doubt is down to the same level i have of my doubts that i’m just a brain in a jar in a simulation.

In conclusion, i would advice anyone to just do yourself. Right now, i think the way i’m doing me is a winning formula. I’m feeling better, i’m doing KBT, i’m doing all my hobbies, i laugh, i spend time with friends, and most of all, i’m presenting male. And all of it feels good to me. I feel right.
Of course, you can always develop as a human being and life is a constant self-discovery quest.

The Rape Triangle has a Slippery Slope

This is the Rape Triangle by 11th Principle: Consent, and I’m here to bitch about it:
First step of the triangle:
  • Rape jokes are just jokes. Get over it!
  • Homophobia, transphobia, sexist attitudes, disclosure of private details has nothing to do with rape.
  • Blaming a victim isn’t isolated to rape. Non-consensual photography isn’t even illegal, and shouldn’t be. If you’re in public, you can’t expect privacy.
  • Unwanted touch that’s not sexual is by definition not rape. And it can also be many things.
  • Trump’s locker room talk is just what insecure morons do. What do you want? Abolish insecurity or just make sure that insecure morons aren’t allowed to talk about their insecure nonsense? Also, i find it extremely funny that this list brings up the Trump locker room thing AND the “disclosure of private details” in the same place! It’s just hilarious! I guess it’s ok to disclose it if it’s Trump.
Ok. Next step in the triangle:
  • Cat calls don’t reinforce rape. It’s just something rude people do. But furthermore, there are women who like that sort of shit. I don’t, but thank god i’m not all that attractive. And most Feminists aren’t either, so you don’t have to worry about it either.
  • Dick pics themselves aren’t bad. They can be if they’re unsolicited. But once again, they don’t reinforce some nebulous rape “culture”. I’ve gotten dick pics, and not even once did i feel threatened. And aren’t you referencing Anthony Wiener here? So i’ll have to amend my previous statement. I guess disclosing personal details is ok if it’s a man.
  • Whoever made this stupid thing doesn’t know what revenge porn is.
  • Groping if it’s non-consensual should be illegal, and is very wrong to do.
  • Up-skirt pics that are non-consensual are just creepy and weird. But it doesn’t reinforce some rape “culture”.
  • Threats and stalking aren’t even necessarily sexual.
Third step:
I know a guy who was dosed by someone, and my first reaction wasn’t that he deserved it. Surprisingly, without being told, everyone he knew was against it!
Is raping someone under 18 approved by society? I mean, let’s remove the fact that there are some cases that are mitigating and the few cases where a group actually didn’t care (Like a religious sect). Is our culture by and large for it? I would say no. Fuck no!
Groping is here twice. What the fuck! Who wrote this?
Safe word violations? How often does that happen? I’m not into BDSM, but from what i hear in that community, they’re very anal about doing things correctly. So when this happens, it’s a rapist, but once again, how is that cultural?
Sexual coercion is wrong, for sure. But how often does that happen? You’re the one making the claim, so you’re the one who should have some fucking statistics to back them up. But since we’re making unfounded claims, i’m going to make one of my own! I have a sneaking suspicion that the people who agree with this would say most things in our culture is sexual coercion (Like ads and movies and art).
Covert condom removal? Seems very specific? How often does a woman even do that to a man? Or vice versa (which is probably the case as well).
Rape is rape, but it’s pretty much hated by everyone. Well, when i checked, only 0.000002% of people ever rape (Some statistics from Swedish sources).
Incest can be consensual. And it’s not even violent all the time. I agree that it’s creepy and weird, but it doesn’t belong here.
Battery and murder can be sexual, but how often are they even sexual? So i’ll have to ask for the tenth time. How does this reinforce rape?
A culture would be if the culture approves of something. The culture doesn’t by in large approve of creepy behavior towards women, let alone rape! All you’re doing when you’re attributing all of this to rape is undermining actual rape.
You claim that this is systemic, but it strikes me that something that’s systemic should probably not be against the law. Systemic would imply that it’s legal to murder. Which it’s not.
As for your claim that the bottom ones reinforce the upper ones. All you’ve done here is list a bunch of unrelated things and put them in a triangle. Nowhere have you shown a correlation between telling jokes about rape, and murder. Show me that correlation! Show me the chain that leads to it.
In conclusion, this is just pseudo-scientific as hell! You can’t just slap shit in a triangle and call it a theory.